What Connection Does a Honeywell Home 6290W Use?

A Honeywell Home 6290W uses a 4-wire connection with a Honeywell VISTA Series Panel. Two wires are for power, and the other two are for data. You must power the system down before attempting to add the keypad. You must address the touchscreen keypad in order for it to work properly

The Honeywell 6290W is a hardwired touchscreen keypad designed for use with a Honeywell VISTA System. This keypad provides a user with a way to operate their VISTA System. This includes basic functions like arming, disarming, and bypassing sensors. You can also use the keypad to complete system programming functions through the use of its Console Mode, which allows the 6290W to operate like an Alphanumeric Keypad.

You must remember that the 6290W is not a standalone alarm system. It is just a hardwired keypad. It needs to be connected with a VISTA Panel before it will power on and receive any data. You cannot use the keypad without connecting it directly with the system. The keypad will use a 4-wire connection, with wires landing at panel terminals 4, 5, 6, and 7. The 6290W has its own set of terminals on the back, and they should be labeled something like G, - , +, and Y.

Before attempting to add a 6290W Keypad, you must power down the VISTA System completely. This is done by disconnecting the backup battery and unplugging the AC transformer. We recommend using an 18-gauge, 4-conductor wire for the job. However, you can also use slightly thicker or thinner wire if that is what you happen to have on hand. The important thing is making sure all the connections are secure and that they are going to the correct places.

The standard colors for a 4-conductor cable are black, red, green, and yellow. Sometimes, the yellow wire will be white instead. This is okay, as you can just use the white wire in place of yellow. The black wire is typically used for negative (-) power. Connect this wire to panel terminal 4 and the negative (-) terminal on the 6290W. The red wire is typically used for positive (+) power. Connect this wire to panel terminal 5 and the positive (+) terminal on the 6290W.

The green and yellow/white wires are used for data transmissions. The green wire is usually for Data In. Connect this wire to panel terminal 6 and the G terminal on the 6290W. The yellow/white wire is usually for Data Out. Connect this wire to panel terminal 7 and the Y terminal on the 6290W. Make sure all the wired connections are secure. Then power the system back on by plugging the transformer back in. The 6290W Keypad should also power on at this time.

If the keypad displays an ECP error, then that means you must address the keypad. From the main screen of the 6290, choose Setup > System Setup > CS Setup > Installer Code (default 4140 or 4112) > ECP Address . From there, select the ECP Address you want to use. The 6290W can use an AUI slot of 1, 2, 5, or 6.

You will also need to enable the address for the system. This must be done using an existing system keypad. For more information, please see Step 4 on this FAQ. Remember that you are limited to four (4) AUI devices per VISTA System. The Total Connect 2.0 Service will take up one (1) AUI slot. Any Tuxedo Touch Keypad will also take up an AUI slot.

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