Which Keypads Work with a VISTA 21iP?

The VISTA-21iP supports several different wired keypads. We recommend an alphanumeric keypad as opposed to a fixed english keypad because they offer two full lines of alpha characters on the display and support all deeper level programming menus. The 21ip also supports wireless keypads.

The supported keypads for the VISTA series panels come in four different types: alphanumeric, fixed english, touchscreen, and wireless. The first three types all require a 4-wire connection from the keypad to the keypad bus on the VISTA panel. The wireless keypads require a specific RF receiver that supports bi-direction RF devices. It is recommended to have at least one alphanumeric keypad. As stated before, the fixed english keypads are not able to display all of the information when in certain programming fields when hand programming. An alphanumeric keypad can display all of a fields information from any programming field. Also, if you lock yourself out of programming, an alphanumeric keypad can get you in with a back door method. A fixed english keypad can also do this but a touchscreen keypad cannot. VISTA systems have a setting where you can lock yourself out of being able to access programming. Learn how to get yourself back into programming when locked out.

  1. Alphanumeric Keypads.

    The 6160 keypad is a two line, alphanumeric keypad. The 6160 has a 2 line, 32 character display window and shows system status and events in plain english. The screen and keys of the keypad have a backlight. The keypad has a speaker which beeps to indicate system events. The 6160 model can also access and display all the programming fields on a VISTA alarm system.The keypad connects to the system with a 4 wire connection. The 6160 and 6160RF are functionally the same keypad except that the 6160RF has a wireless transceiver built into the keypad. The transceiver in the 6160RF lets the VISTA system that it’s connected to interface with 5800 wireless devices. The 6160RF lets the alarm system support as many wireless devices as it can and also supports bi-directional devices. For example, the 5828 is a bi-directional keypad that we will explain in the fourth type below.

  2. Fixed English Keypads.

    The 6150 keypad is a fixed english keypad. Being fixed english, the 6150 is only able to display preset english words and the number of the zones. The system status is displayed in english while zone information is displayed with a code and the zone number. The keypad cannot access deep level programming and is not recommended to be the only keypad on a VISTA system. The 6150RF is similar to the 6160RF in that is a bi-direction RF receiver. The 6150RF is only able to support 16 wireless devices whereas the 6160RF will support up to 40 zones. The soft touch keys and LCD screen are backlit and easy to see and press. This is the most cost effective option for auxiliary keypads at entry points.

  3. Touchscreen Keypads.
    The Tuxedo Touch WIFI and the 6280 are both touchscreen keypads that require a wired connection back to the VISTA panel. These keypads have a bright, easy to use, 7 inch full color touchscreen. Conveniently the keypad can display the entire zone list of a VISTA system and can be used in console mode as a regular keypad.

    The Tuxedo Touch, in addition to being a touchscreen keypad, is also a Z-Wave controller and has a built in web server. The Tuxedo can interface with up to 232 Z-Wave devices. The built in web server lets a user control and interact with the Tuxedo over the local WIFI in the location. The Tuxedo can also interact directly with Honeywells IPCAMs. IPCAMs are proprietary WIFI cams that can be interfaced with Honeywells remote services and with the Tuxedo touch. The keypad can view any IPCAM connected to the WIFI network and a user can initiate a 2 minute recording from the keypad.

    The 6280 is much more stripped down keypad. There is no Z-Wave controller and simply serves as a nicer looking touchscreen keypad compared to the older style push button alpha and fixed english keypads.

  4. Wireless Keypads.

    The Honeywell 5828 and 5828V wireless keypads are the only wireless keypads for VISTA panels. They require a compatible bi-directional RF receiver already connected and configured with your VISTA panel. The most popular way to integrate this receiver is to install a 6160RF or 6150RF. The 5828s are both fixed english so they are designed for just simple arming control and basic programming. We recommend purchasing the separate AC transformer for the 5828s so they remain powered on at all times and do not require a button push to wake them up. The V model will voice announce faulted zones. The regular 5828 will just chime only.

    There are no compatible alphanumeric or touchscreen wireless keypads available.

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