Which Security Cameras are Compatible w/ an L5100?

While a lot of people want a no-frills security system, for others Honeywell offers a video surveillance option. However, with the L5100 security system, unlike the Tuxedo Touch, you can't actually view your cameras through the LYNX Touch control panel, whereas The Tuxedo Touch will allow you to see the local cameras on its 7 inch display.

The only way to integrate cameras with an L5100 security system, is to use the AlarmNet security cameras that are compatible with Honeywell's interactive service, Total Connect 2.0. With these IP cameras connected to your network, you can view them through your Total Connect account. In the Total Connect app, you can control your L5100 security system, turning it on and off, and can also use the L5100's suite of home automation control features. With Alarm Net cameras installed and tied to your account, you can even view your property remotely.

So, the question isn't really which cameras are compatible with Honeywell's L5100, but, rather, which cameras are compatible with Total Connect. There are three currently available. There is a fixed indoor camera, a pan-tilt camera and an outdoor camera.

The newer versions of the Lynx Touch family of panels, the L5210 and the L7000 do allow the Honeywell IPCAM series of cameras to be viewed locally on the panel's touch screen. The only requirement is that the panel have a WIFI or IP connection, and that it be connected to the same network as the cameras. The L5210 allows you to view 1 camera, the L7000 allows you to view up to 4 cameras.

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The SkyBell HD integration does not connect locally to the alarm panel as of now. Instead it integrates into your Total Connect 2.0 account. You will need to upgrade to our Self Silver plan which includes remote automation. Then you can tie in your SkyBell to TC using an iOS (apple) app.
I've read that TotalConnect 2.0 now supports the Skybell video doorbell system (http://www.skybell.com/). If I purchase a Skybell video doorbell, will I be able to see a live video feed on the console screen of my Honeywell Lynx Touch (7000) panel? FYI: I currently am subscribed for "Self Bronze" monitoring plan.
If you want central station monitoring, with Total Connect, that would be our Monitoring Plus plan for $20/month at https://www.alarmgrid.com/monitoring. If you also want to add the AlarmNet video service, it would be $30/month. There are no contracts required and no activation or hidden fees.
How much is monitoring , wifi, Lynx touch 5100 along with honeywell total connect/alarmnet?

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