Which Security Systems Work w/ a Tuxedo Touch?

The security systems that work with a Tuxedo Touch are most of the Honeywell VISTA Series Systems. The vast majority of these systems will work with a Tuxedo Touch, but there are exceptions. The Tuxedo Touch provides these systems with both a touchscreen keypad and Z-Wave functionality.

The Tuxedo Touch is a touchscreen keypad that is designed for use with hardwired VISTA systems. The device is well-regarded for its colorful display screen, great functionality and overall ease of use. The keypad is used with a security panel as an AUI (Advanced User Interface) device. Any VISTA panel that can function with AUI devices can be controlled by a Tuxedo Touch. This means that any VISTA-15P, 20P, 21iP, 128BPT and 250BPT system can be operated using a Tuxedo Touch Keypad. Three of the VISTA-PSIA Systems - the 15PSIA, 20PSIA and the 21PSIA systems - can also be controlled using a Tuxedo Touch Keypad. However appropriate revision upgrade may be needed.

The number of Tuxedo Touch Keypads that can be used with a single panel depends on the type of VISTA System that is being used. Some VISTA Panels may require a PROM Chip upgrade in order to interface with a larger number of Tuxedo Touch Keypads. For instance, the older (Rev. 3) 15P and 20P can only interface with two Tuxedo Touch Keypads. But with the necessary PROM Chip upgrade, Rev. 5.2 or higher, they can interface with up to four.

Once added, the Tuxedo Touch will serve as a touchscreen controller for the system. It will also provide the system with Z-Wave functionality. If the panel is synced with the Total Connect service, then the user will be able to control their Z-Wave devices using that platform as well. This can be done through any web browser or remotely using the Total Connect mobile app.

There are some VISTA Panels that cannot be controlled using a Tuxedo Touch Keypad. These are the VISTA-10P and the VISTA-50P. The reason that these panels cannot be operated with a Tuxedo Touch is because they are incompatible with AUI devices. If a user of one of these systems wants their Honeywell Panel to be controlled using a Tuxedo Touch, they will need to upgrade to a different VISTA System.

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What I'd suggest is attempting to update the firmware on these keypads. This way if the issue is software related, the update should solve it and stop the boot looping: https://www.alarmgrid.com/downloads/tuxedo-touch-firmware-updates
I have two of these units and both are in boot loop mode. I recently moved my system to a new home so it was out of commission for about 3 months. Now my system works well with the 6160 and 6160RF keypads but both my Tux touch wifi untis just sit there and boots over and over again. Connected to a 21P panel. Any Ideas? I just replaced the system battery just in case...

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