Why Does My Security System Need a Honeywell 5800RP?

A wireless Honeywell security system needs a Honeywell 5800RP in order to boost the range of its radio frequency (RF). This repeater will allow the security system to maintain a stronger connection with wireless devices, such as motion detectors, smoke detectors and door and window contacts.

The typical RF signal range of a 5800 Series wireless device is about 200 feet away from the wireless receiver. This range can be reduced due to the presence of obstructions, such as walls, floors, ceilings and various metal objects. By using a 5800RP repeater, the RF signal can be extended up to a maximum range of 400 feet. Please note multiple 5800RP's can be used on a single system, but each must be within range of the receiver. Each RF signal can only be repeated once.

The 5800RP is best used in situations where the security system is experiencing RF supervision loss due to a weak or obstructed RF signal. When this occurs, the 5800RP is used to strengthen the signal and prevent supervision loss. RF supervision loss is indicated by a "Check XX" condition, in which "XX" refers to the zone number that is experiencing a loss of contact. A "Check XX" condition can also be caused by a cover tamper, so make sure the issue is loss of supervision before adding a 5800RP.

It should be mentioned that the transformer and the cable needed to power the 5800RP are not included with the repeater. The transformer and the cable can both be purchased separately on the Alarm Grid website. We recommend using the Honeywell 300-07753 AC Transformer and the Honeywell LT-Cable to power the device.

Once you have a 5800RP, you should add it to your security system so that it too can be supervised by the alarm panel.

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