Can VISTA Systems Use the 6160RF and Wireless Receivers?

The Vista-10P, Vista-15P, Vista-20P, and Vista-21iP can support a single system receiver. Receivers come in 3 capacities, Low, Medium, or High. A low receiver supports up to 8 RF zones, Medium supports up to 16 RF zones, and a High Receiver supports as many RF zones as the panel will allow.

Because these panels can only support one receiver on the system, you can either use a stand-alone receiver, such as the 5881ENL, 5881ENM, or 5881ENH or 5881ENHC, or you can use a 6160RF, but you can't use both receivers at the same time. There are situations where, you may have a 6160RF on your system, and for whatever reason, due to range issues for example, you make the decision to add a stand-alone receiver such as the 5881ENH to the system. When you do this, you'll need to either replace the 6160RF with a 6160, or you'll need to enter programming on the 6160RF and turn off the receiver. If you decide to turn off the receiver, do the following:

  1. Power the 6160RF down and back up.
  2. Within 60 seconds, press [1] and [3] simultaneously until you see
  3. If you're setting up the keypad for the first time, enter a valid keypad address. On the above panels, this will be a number between 16 and 23. Then press [*]
  4. The next prompt is Receiver. This can be a confusing entry. Don't try to decipher what's entered now, just press [0] for Off then press [*]
  5. The 6160RF is a transceiver, and even when the receiver is disabled, the transmitter module can still be used. Because of this, the next prompt allows you to set a House ID for the transmitter module. Any devices that should receive panel status information via the 6160RF should be set to match this.
  6. The next prompt pertains to High Security devices. If High Security is On, the 6160RF will only recognize encrypted devices, if disabled it will process both encrypted and non-encrypted signals. This will usually be set to Off.
  7. At the next prompt, press [0] then [*]. You may need to press [*] several times in order to exit programming and save your entries.
  • Now, the receiver has been disabled in the 6160RF, and you are free to use a stand-alone receiver on your Vista system. It's a good idea to go over the programming prior to actually performing the steps. The 6160RF will exit programming after only a few seconds of inactivity on your part, which will require that you power down and up again to re-enter programming, with none of your prior programming having been saved. An alternate option to replacing the 6160RF with a stand-alone receiver would be to add a 5800RP wireless repeater to your system. The 5800RP can be mounted up high, and may offer an easier solution than replacing the keypad receiver with a stand-alone.

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