Does The Tuxedo Touch Work As A keypad For A 2GIG GC3?

No, the Tuxedo Touch is not be compatible and will not work as a secondary keypad for a 2GIG GC3 control panel.

Honeywell’s Tuxedo Touch is actually a Z-Wave controller which can be used alone, or makes a great second keypad to most Vista control panels.

The Tuxedo Touch has a full 7 inch graphic touchscreen and supports up to 232 Z-Wave devices, which include thermostats, door locks, light switches, blinds and water valves.

Users can also view up to four Honeywell IP cameras at once on the touchscreen.

The Tuxedo Touch has a built in web server. Users can connect it via WIFI to the network, or run an Ethernet connection from the Tuxedo Touch to their router or modem. They can then control Z-Wave devices, and if connected to a Vista control panel, the security system, from any smartphone or WiFi enabled device. Keep in mind this is local control only while connected to the same network as the Tuxedo Touch. It is not a communicator, and the panel can not report alarm signals through it.

If the Tuxedo Touch is connected to a compatible Vista control panel, paired with a communicator, such as a 7847i internet communicator or a compatible GSM cell communicator, like the GSMX4g or the GSMV4g or the iGSMV4g dual path communicator, Total Connect 2.0 is then an option, and users can receive email or text notifications on system events, as well as control Z-Wave devices remotely through the TC2 app.

Additional features include voice control, the ability to record and play back messages, and a digital picture frame feature, which can be used as a screensaver.

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