How Do I Configure a SiX Sensors Programming on a Lyric Gateway?

Users aren’t able to configure, adjust, or delete SiX Series sensors on a Lyric Gateway on their own; their monitoring company must do it for them. Only a certified Honeywell AlarmNet dealer can access programming. A unmonitored Lyric Gateway can’t be used as a local alarm system.

The Lyric Gateway can't be used as a local alarm system without monitoring, as the peripheral devices can't be added or configured without being enrolled with the AlarmNet server. The only entity that can access system programming is an alarm monitoring company who is a Honeywell dealer, and has access to AlarmNet. The Honeywell dealer can remotely access the system, via web login or the app, and get into system programming. From there, any compatible sensor can be configured as a zone on the system. The system will need to have an active connection to WIFI, ethernet, or cellular in order for the monitoring company to access it.

If a user wishes to add a new SiX sensor, they should make sure they don't pull the battery tab on the device before their monitoring company instructs them to. Pulling the battery tab when instructed pairs the SiX device with the system. If a SiX device needs to be defaulted to its factory setting, for most, it must be done within 24 hours of initial pairing. Remove the batteries, and reinstall them with the tamper switch held down. To default a SiX FOB, hold the three white buttons down for 6 seconds. It's important to note that the factory default process is only available for the SiX FOB within 100 transmissions after initial pairing. To default the LKP500 keypad, press and hold 3, scroll until “Default” appears on the screen, and press select.

To configure a SiX sensor as a zone, a Honeywell technician will need to be on site with the system, or communicate with a tech or customer that is on site.

  1. Know the model of the SiX device. Before requesting additions or changes by the monitoring company to a SiX device, gather information about the device so it can be provided to the programmer. The programmer will need to know the model of the device (is it a SiXCT, SiXFOB, SiXPIR, SiXSMOKE, SiXGB, or SiXSIREN), and which settings need to be added or changed.
  2. Contact the monitoring company. Let the monitoring company know that you would like to make some changes to, or to add, a SiX device on your system. The monitoring company will access the system remotely through the AlarmNet360 platform.
  3. Test the device. Once programming has been completed, the device should be tested for proper operation. For the SiXCT, open and close the door or window to be sure the proper state is indicated by the panel. A SiXFOB can be used to arm/disarm, or activate a panic. The SiXPIR can be put into test mode by putting the Lyric Gateway into walk test, then by watching for the motion's LED while walking through the detection area. The SiXSMOKE has a test button, and the SiXGB requires an FG701 to properly test. To test the SiXSIREN, cause any audible alarm, such as with a Keypad Fire Panic.

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