How Do I Factory Default a PowerG Sensor?

You can factory default a PowerG Sensor by pressing and holding the device's enrollment button until three (3) red LED light blinks are displayed. Some PowerG Sensors use an alternative reset method that involves removing the device battery and connecting a wire across the battery terminal.

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PowerG Sensors are encrypted devices. Unlike most other encrypted sensors, It is possible to program a PowerG sensor into a new panel even if it was never removed from its previous system. However, there are still some circumstances where you will need to perform a factory default on the sensor. You should delete it from the old system when possible. A factory reset may be performed as a troubleshooting step. You will need to reprogram any PowerG Sensor that receives a factory default. PowerG Sensors are defaulted in one of two ways.

Below are the steps for factory defaulting most PowerG Sensors:

1. Locate the enrollment button. Find the enrollment button for the PowerG Sensor. This is the same button that you used when auto-enrolling the sensor with the panel. You will most likely need to remove the device's battery cover to find the enrollment button. The exact location of this button varies between different PowerG devices. Check the instruction manual for the exact location of this button.

2. Press the enrollment button. Press and hold the enrollment button. Keep holding down the button until three (3) red LED light flashes occur. The LED may go through several different light cycles before this occurs. Keep the button held down the entire time until three consecutive red LED light flashes appear.

3. Confirm the factory default. You can release the enrollment button after the three consecutive red LED light flashes occur. You should now be able to enroll the device with a PowerG-compatible system. If you are still having trouble enrolling the sensor after performing the default, try powering the sensor down by removing the battery and then power it back on by reinserting the battery. Then try enrolling the sensor again.

If the above process doesn't resolve the issue you're dealing with, you can try the alternative steps for resetting a PowerG Sensor:

1. Remove the cover. Locate the back cover for the PowerG Sensor, and remove it. You may need a screwdriver to complete this process.

2. Remove the battery. Find the battery inside the sensor. Carefully remove it. Don't throw the battery away if it is still usable. You will reapply it later.

3. Perform the default. Take a short piece of wire and connect it across the battery terminal. Hold it in-place for about five (5) to ten (10) seconds. If you don't have a piece of wire, you can hold the metal part of a screwdriver across this area instead. This is done to remove any capacitance that may have built up on the battery connectors.

4. Confirm the default. Reapply the battery you removed earlier. The PowerG device should now be reset. You should be able to program it with a new system.

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