How do I join two independent Z-Wave networks together?

Now that Honeywell and 2GIG panels like the Lyric controller and GC3 have integrated Z-Wave controllers we have noticed that customers are struggling with merging mesh networks. As discussed in our FAQ regarding the difference between primary and secondary controllers we reviewed the general rules to shifting primary control. There are certain nuances to shifting primary control and learning in secondary controllers as well.

There are two primary controllers each with their own z-wave devices that were included independently of one another. Let's say you have a Lyric Controller and a third party hub like the Wink or Smartthings. At first each controller was a primary in the sense that they included their own devices. As noted in our other FAQ only a primary controller can include and exclude devices. Well, now you want to merge these two mesh networks into a single network. Unfortunately it is not as easy as learning the secondary controller into the desired primary.

First you have to decide which controller you want to be the primary. This is the controller that will have the ability to include devices in the future. Next it is best practice to exclude all devices from your future secondary controller. Then include them in the future primary controller. If you learn the secondary controller into the primary without this step you may find that devices that were originally enrolled into the secondary will no longer work. Basically the mesh network created by the secondary controller (when it was initially an independent primary) is completely dropped when the secondary joins the new primary network. After all these devices originally learned into the secondary have been excluded and now included into the primary you can move to the process of shifting primary to secondary control.

Place the future primary into inclusion learning mode. On the future secondary press "primary to secondary shift" function. On the Lynx Touch or Lyric panel this is located under advanced tools in the automation section: Automation > Down Key > Tools > Advanced Tools > Enter Installer or Master Code > Pri Controller shift to Secondary. You will have to reference your third party hub's manual for steps to shift control if you plan to keep the alarm system as the primary. As long as the primary is in learning mode it should pull in the secondary controller and map all the z-wave devices that are attached to it as well.

This does not always work perfectly. If it does not work you can place the primary into inclusion mode and press the learn function on the secondary. The learning function on the Lynx Touch and Lyric is located under advanced tools just under the shift button mentioned above. After the secondary is learned into the primary the result will be a single Z-Wave mesh network that has a single primary controller which is capable of learning and removing devices and a secondary controller that simply controls these same devices.

We always recommend referencing the third party (non alarm system based) hub's manual and tech support resources for details on button presses for that device. Since there are so many different options out there now, it is difficult for us to stay on top of the exact settings on these third party devices. Hopefully this gives you a general idea of how to approach configuring a Z-Wave mesh network with multiple controllers!

Update!: SmartThings now interfaces smoothly with the Lyric Controller. Check out our detailed FAQ.

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yes this FAQ helps answer your question.
Has this been tried on the Qolsys iq2?
Thanks Frank. I have WiFi based switches. They work fine with Alexa without an additional hub.
No Honeywell systems currently support Alexa devices. Only based systems like the GC3 support Alexa at this time. You can certainly setup a Smartthings hub and use it as a primary or secondary with the L5100 (with L5100-ZWAVE module) or the Lyric Controller. I am not sure what the advantage of using a WIFI switch would be considering you would still need some type of hub to integrate the switch and automate it.
Does the zwave on the 5100 have Interoperability with Amazon's Alexa? For instance I bought a Leviton DZ6HD-1BZ zwave switch and assigned it to the Lynx. Regretting this, I have two choices, buy a smart things hub and hope to get primary and secondary mesh working so I can use it with Alexa and Lynx simultaniously Or, return the DZ6HD-1BZ and get the DW6HD-1BZ use WiFi and not use it with the Lynx. Also, if the 5100 does not support this, does Lyric? I was thinking of upgrading. Thanks

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