How do you power cycle a Honeywell VISTA Series alarm control panel?

A Honeywell VISTA Series alarm control panel can be power cycled by unplugging the AC transformer from your wall outlet, disconnecting the backup battery and then reconnecting the battery and plugging the transformer back into the wall. The VISTA Series alarm control panel will power back up and any trouble signals solved by the power cycle will go away. Of course, if the trouble still remains, a power cycle will not clear the error message from your alarm keypad.

Most VISTA Series alarm control panels use a 1361 or 1321 AC transformer for power. These transformers need to be plugged into a standard wall outlet, but depending on where your alarm control panel is installed, the AC transformer may not be close to the beige alarm cabinet. Therefore, you may need to search adjacent rooms to find where the transformer is plugged in. If you are unable to locate your AC transformer, and you want to complete a power cycle, you have two options. You can switch off the breaker in your electrical cabinet that supplies power to the alarm control panel or you can unhook the power wires from the screw terminals inside the alarm control panel. All VISTA Series alarm control panels use the first two screw terminals for AC power. Simply remove one of the two wires by unscrewing the screw terminal and pulling out the wire. As the AC transformer will still be plugged, in the wire will be live so be very careful that you do not touch the exposed wire or let the wire touch anything else.

To disconnect the backup battery from the system, all you need to do is slide off one of the red or black spade leads that are connected to the battery terminals. Removing one lead will be enough to disconnect the battery. Once the system is powered down, we recommend reconnecting the battery before reconnecting the main power. If you connect the power before you connect the battery, you may get a low battery trouble signal because the panel is powered up but does not detect a charged battery. Reconnecting the battery first will ensure you do not cause a low battery trouble.

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