What is Compatible with a Honeywell VISTA-20P?

Many devices are compatible with a Honeywell VISTA-20P. This is a hardwired system that needs various add-ons for basic functionality. Most users will want to add at least one wired keypad, some sensors, a siren and an AlarmNet Communicator. This equipment is available from Alarm Grid.

Honeywell vista 20p wired alarm control panel

The first accessory needed for a Honeywell VISTA 20-P is a keypad. This is needed for controlling the system and making programming changes. Nearly any Honeywell Wired Keypad will work with the system. We strongly recommend choosing an Alphanumeric keypad as the initial keypad. This is because an Alphanumeric keypad is best-suited for programming the system. A great starting Alphanumeric keypad is the Honeywell 6160. Additional keypads can be of the Fixed English variety, like the Honeywell 6150. You might also want to add a Tuxedo Touch WIFI Touchscreen Keypad, which also doubles as a Z-Wave controller.

Next, your VISTA-20P will need sensors. These are the devices that report activity to the panel when there is activity in the building. Popular sensors include door and window contacts, motion detectors and glass break detectors. Also not all sensors are security devices. You might also add life-safety and environmental sensors like smoke detectors, CO detectors, flood sensors and temperature sensors.

The VISTA-20P can support hardwired sensors right out of the box. It can also support wireless sensors if a wireless receiver is added. You will need to purchase your own wiring if you plan to use wired sensors. A wireless receiver will allow the system to support wireless Honeywell 5800 Series Sensors. Please note that you will need a wireless transceiver to support bi-directional 5800 Series devices like the 5800WAVE and the 5828 Keypad. Some good wireless transceiver options include the Honeywell 5883H and the Honeywell 6160RF Keypad.

Most owners of a VISTA-20P will want to add a siren. This device serves as a noisemaker during alarm events. This is important for alerting building occupants if an emergency like a break-in or a fire occurs. The system does not have any way of producing sounds on its own, and a hardwired keypad will not produce loud sounds during alarm events. If a hardwired siren uses less than 2A of power, then no additional equipment is needed. To use more than 2A of power with a siren, you will need to add a relay and power supply. A good relay to use is the Altronix RBSNTTL. A good power supply to use is the Honeywell AD12612.

Another extremely important upgrade for a VISTA-20P is an AlarmNet Communicator. Out of the box, the VISTA-20P can only support phone line monitoring. Your will want to add an IP communicator or a cellular communicator for faster and more reliable monitoring service. We recommend cellular monitoring because it offers the best reliability overall. There are also dual-path communicators that offer both IP and cellular connectivity for added reliability. An AlarmNet Communicator will also allow you to access the Total Connect 2.0 service to control your system remotely. Please note that you will need a compatible alarm monitoring plan to do this.

A good dual-path communicator for a VISTA-20P is the Honeywell LTE-IV (Verizon LTE & hardwired ethernet). If you decide that you only need cellular connectivity, then the Honeywell LTE-XA (AT&T LTE) and the Honeywell LTE-XV (Verizon LTE) are both great options. If you decide to go the IP-only route, then the Honeywell 7847i (hardwired ethernet) is the best choice. All of these communicators can be purchased from Alarm Grid.

For a more complete list of products compatible with a VISTA-20P, please review our VISTA-20P Compatibility Page.

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