What Panels Does a GSMX4G Radio Work With?

A GSMX4G radio will work with any of the panels in the Honeywell VISTA Series. It can also be used with the LYNX Plus L3000 system. Once the GSMX4G communicator has been installed and activated, it will provide the panel with a 4G cellular connection using the AT&T cellular service.

In order to use the GSMX4G cellular communicator, the user must have an alarm monitoring plan that includes cellular monitoring, such as the Gold Plan from Alarm Grid. From there, it can be installed with the panel using an incredibly simple and straight-forward connection. The GSMX4G gets all its operating current from the panel, and it can draw up to 250 mA of current, so in some cases, an external power supply may be required to use this communicator. Once connected, the user can then activate the GSMX4G communicator by contacting their alarm monitoring company and providing them with the MAC address and the CRC code of the device.

By using the GSMX4G, the panel will use the cellular network to send alarm signals, and provide remote access. Cellular connectivity is generally considered to be superior to WIFI connectivity when used by security systems. This is because cellular connectivity is more reliable than WIFI, due to the fact that cellular signals are almost always available, while WIFI often goes down. By using cellular communication, your panel will almost never lose its connection to the network, and your home or business will stay protected. Although WIFI is typically slightly faster than cellular, the 4G speeds offered by the GSMX4G will still be excellent for most applications.

The GSMX4G will also allow the system to be controlled remotely using the Total Connect platform. While this can also be done with an IP connection, using a cellular connection provided by the GSMX4G is a more reliable method. By connecting with Total Connect, a user can use the Total Connect app to remotely arm and disarm their panel and to control any Z-Wave devices connected to their system. It should be noted that the system will need a Z-Wave add-on module, such as the Honeywell VAM, or Tuxedo Touch Keypad in order to use Z-Wave devices. The user will also need to have a monitoring plan that includes remote Z-Wave control. The Lynx Plus L3000 does not support Z-Wave devices.

The video shown below provides more information about the GSMX4G:

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