Are There Security Systems Better Than a Honeywell L5100 Alarm System?

Yes, there are security systems better than a Honeywell L5100 Alarm System. As things currently stand with the L5100, we would strongly discourage a user from purchasing this system if they are in the market for a new panel. But existing or inherited L5100 Systems can still work just fine.

Honeywell lynxtouch l5100 lynx touch wireless alarm control panel

The Honeywell LYNX Touch L5100 is widely recognized as being one of first examples of a successful wireless all-in-one panel. The ability to control the alarm system directly from a touchscreen that is built into the panel was a new idea at the time. The Honeywell L5100 offered great convenience and ease of use for many people who were getting into DIY alarm monitoring for the very first time. To this day, it is still very widely used. It can provide virtually all of the same functions and features of a newer alarm system if the proper support is provided.

The biggest downfall for the L5100 is that there is currently no cellular communication module being manufactured for the security system. This has been true ever since the Honeywell GSMVLP5-4G was discontinued. This can make it very difficult for a new user to get their L5100 System connected with cellular alarm monitoring services. However, if a user is able to somehow obtain an existing GSMVLP5-4G, it can still be installed inside an L5100 and activated with an alarm company for monitoring service. Alarm Grid no longer sells this module, but other sites might. Likewise, if an L5100 is already active with this module, it will continue to work just fine.

If a user does not plan on using cellular alarm monitoring with their L5100, then there is also very little reason to upgrade. The system will support the L5100-WIFI module for connecting with a local WIFI network. It can also use a Honeywell ILP5 module for a hardwired ethernet connection. The L5100 can also serve as a capable Z-Wave controller for smart home devices once an L5100-ZWAVE module is added. The system is also compatible with the outstanding Total Connect 2.0 platform for remote access and control.

But while the L5100 is still a capable panel in most cases, there are many systems that offer greater functionality. Assuming that the user plans to stick with a Honeywell System, there are a few options available. The L5210 and L7000 Systems are also from the Honeywell LYNX Touch Series, and both support a greater number of wireless zones than the L5100. These systems also have compatible LTE cellular communicators available, specifically the LTE-L57A and the LTE-57V. Many users also prefer the L7000 since its 7-inch touchscreen is much larger than the L5100 touchscreen.

However, the newest and most advanced wireless system from Honeywell is the Lyric Alarm System. The Lyric has its own lineup of encrypted wireless sensors, and it boasts a beautiful 7-inch touchscreen display. One factor that separates the Lyric from almost every other alarm system on the market is its ability to be used with the Apple HomeKit service. This is great for iOS users who want to achieve a complete smart setup for HomeKit devices. End users can even control their HomeKit devices remotely through voice commands that are sent through Siri. They just need access to their iOS device.

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