Can I use a Lyric security system w/ a Vista 21iP?

The Honeywell Lyric Controller does not directly interface with the VISTA-21iP nor any other hardwired alarm control panel. However there are some approaches to transitioning from a traditional wired panel like the VISTA-21iP over to a new, state of the art Lyric security system. The product that makes this possible is Honeywell's 5800C2W. This is a wired to wireless converter module that will transmit wireless signals to the Lyric based on the status of the wired zones connected to it. In other words, you can salvage your wired sensors and upgrade to a Lyric to enjoy the many tech benefits such as WIFI, Z-Wave home automation and cellular communications with Verizon or AT&T.

There are a few caveats to consider before doing this. First, the 5800C2W does not support wired life safety devices such as CO, smoke or heat detectors. You can pick up new wireless smokes like the SiXSMOKE and/or piggy-back off your existing wired smokes by using the Encore Firefighter FF345 takeover module. Second, the converter does not support wired keypads. If you need remote keypads for the Lyric, you will need to install the LKP500 auxiliary keypad. It requires power but communicates wirelessly to the Lyric Controller. Lastly, any wired sirens will not directly integrate with the Lyric. For now, there is no way to tie them in to the Lyric, as there is no trigger output, and no wireless relay is supported. If you want sirens beyond the built-in siren on the Lyric (which is very loud) your only choice is the SiXSIREN. In addition, the SIXSIREN can chime, if programmed to do so, just like the keypad when specific zones are faulted.

The first step will be physically removing your wired connections from the VISTA or other hardwired panel, and moving them over to the C2W. These connections are fairly simple. Passive sensors like door and window contacts simply get landed onto a zone with a resistor wired in series. There is a calibration button available on the 5800C2W that should be pressed once all wiring is completed. This allows you to use the zones existing resistor, as long as the value is between 1K and 10K ohms. If you have any powered devices such as motions or glass breaks they will connect to the zone the same way with a resistor in series. The power connections land directly on the 12 volt DC output located on the C2W board.

*Note: The translator comes with an AC transformer which requires a 2 conductor wire to any local power outlet. You can use the LT-Cable to make it even easier. You will need to purchase a backup battery separately or reuse the one from the VISTA or other panel if its still in good shape.

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