Honeywell Lynx Touch L7000 VS Honeywell Vista 21iP

The Honeywell Lynx Touch L7000 and the Honeywell Vista 21iP are two very different security systems. The L7000 is a wireless all-in-one panel with its own touchscreen display. The Vista 21iP on the other hand is a hardwired alarm system that must be operated using an external keypad.

It's very difficult to compare the L7000 and the Vista 21iP. They are completely different systems that really aren't in the same category. This is because the L7000 is a wireless panel, while the Vista 21iP is a hardwired panel. This plays a huge role in the way the two panels are operated.

If you are a new or inexperienced user, we strongly recommend choosing a wireless system instead of a hardwired system. Wireless systems, like the L7000, are much easier to navigate and setup than hardwired panels. The programming process is very straightforward, and any wireless sensors can be used with no add-ons.

On the other hand, a hardwired system, such as the 21iP, is programmed using a series of programming commands. In fact, there is an entire programming guide that is used with the 21iP system. While everything will work fine once the system has been set up, the programming process will be much more involved and challenging for a first-time user. Meanwhile, the programming on the L7000 is more user-friendly.

Additionally, the Vista 21iP requires significantly more add-ons than the L7000. Almost function used with the 21iP system requires some type of add-on. In fact, an external keypad will need to be added to the system just to control and operate the panel on-site. The keypad is arguably the most important add-on for any Vista Panel. In addition to providing primary control, a keypad also serves as the main sounder for the system.

As for the L7000, no external keypad is needed, unless the user wants a second access point for the system. The L7000 is controlled and operated using its beautiful, full color, 7 inch touchscreen display. There is also a full color touchscreen keypad for the 21iP, called the Honeywell Tuxedo Touch. The primary benefit of the Tuxedo is that it will provide the 21iP with Z-Wave home automation control. However, there are certain programming limitations of the Tuxedo Touch, so it is not recommended for use as the primary controller for a Vista 21iP.

Another key add-on for a Vista 21iP is a wireless receiver. This will allow wireless sensors to be used with the system. If a wireless receiver is not used with the 21iP, then only hardwired sensors will be able to be used with the system. A great way to add this function to the Vista 21iP is to use an external keypad that doubles as a wireless receiver, like the Honeywell 6160RF. Conversely, an added wireless receiver is not needed for the L7000, since the panel already comes pre-included with one that is built-in.

Both the L7000 and the Vista 21iP will require certain communication add-ons for the user to get the most out their alarm system. The 21iP comes pre-included with a very basic IP communicator. However, this default communicator can only use an ethernet connection. In order to use WIFI, a separate communicator is needed.

Cellular communication is also only available for the 21iP with the use of an added cellular module. We generally recommend using a dual-path communicator so that both WIFI and cellular communication can be used with the system. Remember, an appropriate monitoring plan is required to use cellular communication. Once a 21iP is connected to the network (IP or cellular), it will be able to interface with the Total Connect service. Check the Vista 21iP Compatibility Page for more information on which communicators are compatible with the system.

The L7000 needs an L5100-WIFI add-on to connect to WIFI. It will also need a cellular communicator add-on to use cellular communications. At least one of these communication methods is required to sync the L7000 system with the Total Connect interactive service. Check he L7000 Compatibility to find out which communicators are compatible. Again, make sure that your monitoring plan includes this functionality.

Finally, both the L7000 and the 21iP will require a Z-Wave controller in order to interface with Z-Wave home automation devices. For the L7000, this comes in the form of the L5100-ZWAVE. The 21iP uses either a Tuxedo Touch or a Honeywell VAM to control Z-Wave devices. Any Z-Wave device can also be controlled and operated through Total Connect after one of these add-ons has been added to the system.

The one thing that makes the L7000 and the 21iP similar is the sensors they use. Both are compatible with Honeywell's 5800 Series of wireless sensors. But remember, a wireless receiver is needed for the 21iP to use these sensors. Additionally, both panels can use the same hardwired sensors. The 21iP can interface with these sensors right away, but a Honeywell 4219 Zone Expander may be needed to increase the number of hardwired zones on the system. An L7000 can only use hardwired sensors if a wired to wireless converter is added, such as the Honeywell 5800C2W.

Vista 21iP
Honeywell Honeywell
Compatible Sensors
5800 Series Hardwired Sensors, 5800 Series (with added wireless receiver)
Display Screen
7 Inch LCD Touchscreen None - Panel is hardwired and operated using an external keypad
7.5”H x 9.5”W x 2.0”D 14.5"H x 12.5"W x 3"D (Cabinet)
Built-In Voice
Yes Only if supported by keypad
Interactive Service
Total Connect Total Connect
WIFI Connectivity
Yes (L5100 WIFI needed) Yes (WIFI Adapter needed)
Cellular Connectivity
Yes (Cellular Communicator needed) Yes (Cellular Communicator needed)
Z-Wave Home Automation
Yes (L5100 ZWAVE needed) Yes (Tuxedo Touch or VAM needed)
Encrypted Sensors
No No
85 dB Only if included with keypad; A louder external siren can also be used.
None None
User Codes
48 Total 48 Total
Input & Power Supply
2.7A 9VDC adapter (included) 16.5VAC 40VA, 1361 AC Transformer (included)
Rechargeable nickel-metal hydride battery pack rated at 7.2Vdc Purchase Separately
Wireless Zones
80 (plus 24 key fob) Up to 40 (wireless receiver needed)
Hardwired Zones
2 Built-In 8 Built-In, Up to 48 with use of 4219 Zone Expanders

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