How Do I Add a Wired Siren to My LYNX Touch Panel using the Lynx-EXT?

The Honeywell LYNX Touch series includes the L5200, L5210 and L7000 models. They all have on board 85dB sirens but due to placement of the panel this may not be loud enough. The LYNX Touch is an all-in-one wireless alarm panel that does not have an external bell output like that of a traditional wired alarm system. Therefore, it is up to you to piece together an auxiliary siren assembly that will power your external sounder, if you want one. Compiling the parts for this can be tricky, so we have created the Alarm Grid LYNX-EXT external sounder kit, which makes it nice and easy. Simply purchase this kit and follow the steps below.

Our kit includes a Honeywell 5800RL wireless relay which allows you to place your siren assembly in the included Meir tin cabinet right at the siren location. This will make any local wiring runs between the power supply and the siren much easier. Because the relay is wireless, there is no need to run a wire back to the panel, which makes the installation nice and clean! Follow option 1 of the wiring diagram found on the LYNX external sounder installation manual.

The recommended wiring is stranded 18/2 which is 18 gauge 2 conductor cabling, although up to 22 gauge will work. First, make a wiring run between the closest AC receptacle and where you plan to place the siren assembly. The Honeywell AD12612 auxiliary power supply, Ultratech 1240 battery, and the 5800RL wireless relay can all reside in the metal cabinet. You will need a 2 wire run out the of enclosure to the transformer, and another 2 wire run to the siren. Besides that, all the wiring will be made locally inside the cabinet. Start by making the following connections.

First, connect the Honeywell 1361 AC transformer to the AC input on the AD12612 aux power supply using one of the 2 conductor runs mentioned above. There is no polarity for this connection. Do not plug in the transformer until all connections have been made and double checked. Next, the DC + positive output on the AD12612 will land on terminal 7 (AC or DC +) on the 5800RL relay; then DC - negative from the AD12612 to terminal 8 (AC or DC -) on the 5800RL. Now,make a jumper wire between terminal 8 (DC -) and terminal 2 (NO) on Relay A. Then connect terminal 3 (COM) on relay A to the ground (-) on the external siren. Lastly, you will need to connect the DC + positive from the AD12612 aux power supply to the positive (+) terminal on the siren. After all the connections have been made it is always good to confirm your connections are solid and check for any shorts.

The next step is to power things up. Connect your battery backup to the battery leads of the aux power supply, making sure to observe polarity. Then plug in the transformer to an AC power outlet. Next you will need to follow the instructions in the 5800RL install guide in order to enroll the wireless relay with your LYNX Touch panel. Once this step has been done, when the panel goes into alarm on any zone type that would normally sound a siren, Relay A will change state, giving power to the siren, causing it to sound.

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If you wanted to use the 748, you'd need to use the LYNX-EXT setup described above.
The LYNXR-2 has a 120mA bell output (not 1200mA) for wired sirens. I would recommend the WAVE2EX ( ) since it only draws 60mA in low output mode and 110mA in the regular mode. It will not be quite as loud as the 748's 119dB but it is the best option. The WAVE2EX puts out 106dB which is still very loud.
Hi, it looks that Honeywell 748 wired siren draws 1200mA. I want to connecto it to my LYNXR-2 bell connections. Will be enough power? Thanks

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