What IP Cameras Can I Use on a Honeywell VISTA Alarm System?

You can use Total Connect IP Cameras on a Honeywell VISTA Alarm System. Technically, you are pairing these cameras with the Total Connect 2.0 Service, not with the VISTA Panel itself. But TC2 is commonly used with VISTA Systems. If you have an Alarm.com SEM, you can use ADC Cameras instead.

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It's important to understand that IP cameras are not used directly with a Honeywell VISTA Security System. Instead, IP cameras are used with the interactive service platform that is used with the system. An interactive service platform is a cloud-based network you can access to do things like arm and disarm your panel, control Z-Wave smart home devices, check current system status, and more. You will also use this platform to view the live feed for your IP security cameras, as well as any recorded clips.

The IP cameras you use with this interactive service will depend on the platform itself. An interactive service platform will typically have a lineup of compatible security cameras designed specifically for use with that platform. Most VISTA Systems will use Total Connect 2.0 as their interactive service platform. Accessing TC2 requires an AlarmNet Communicator, plus a monitoring plan that includes access to TC2. If you want to use TC2 Cameras, you must also make sure that the monitoring plan includes video surveillance service. Compatible plans from Alarm Grid include the Platinum Plan, the Self-Platinum Plan, and the Video-Only Plan. By using TC2, you can interconnect TC2 IP Cameras with your system and have your cameras initiate recordings based on system activity.

Below are some of the TC2 IP Cameras you might use with the TC2 Service:

However, not every VISTA System uses Total Connect 2.0 as its interactive service platform. A user could alternatively use an Alarm.com System Enhancement Module (SEM) with their VISTA System. An Alarm.com SEM is similar to a TC2 communicator, except that it connects with the Alarm.com Servers instead of the Resideo AlarmNet Servers. This means that the end user will use Alarm.com as their interactive service platform. Alarm.com has their own IP cameras that are completely separate from the TC2 IP Cameras. So if you have a VISTA System that you use to access Alarm.com, you will use Alarm.com IP Cameras. Again, the same rules apply when using ADC Cameras. You need a monitoring plan that includes access to ADC and video surveillance service. The same service plans that can be used for TC2 IP Cameras can also be used with ADC IP Cameras.

Some of the Alarm.com IP Cameras for use with ADC are listed below:

Keep in mind that you technically do not need a security system to use any of the cameras listed in this FAQ. With aforementioned Video-Only Plan, you can access TC2 or ADC strictly for using IP cameras. But if you have a VISTA Panel and you want to start using IP Cameras with the system, then you should get a Platinum-Level Plan from Alarm Grid. That will allow you to integrate IP cameras with your system so that the cameras can initiate recordings based on system activity.

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