Are There Security Systems Better Than a 2GIG Go!Control Alarm System?

Yes, there are security systems that are better than a 2GIG Go!Control Alarm System. This doesn't mean that the GC2 is a bad system. But there are several systems that offer more features and greater functionality than the 2GIG GC2. The GC2 is still suitable for many smaller applications.

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As a system, the 2GIG Go!Control GC2 provides support for up to 60 wireless zones and 64 unique user codes. Two additional hardwired zones can be programmed as either Normally Open or Normally Closed. The integrated Z-Wave controller allows the system to support up to 232 different Z-Wave smart home automation devices. By adding a cellular communicator, the system can connect with the service. The system has a full-color touchscreen controller that measures 3.75" by 2.25".

For most homes and small-to-medium sized businesses, a GC2 System will be perfectly adequate. But for larger installations, the user might want a more advanced system. 2GIG offers a more advanced version of the GC2, call the 2GIG GC3. The GC3 System offers support for up to 100 wireless zones and 100 user codes. The system uses the same 345 MHz sensors as the GC2 Panel. The full-color touchscreen on the GC3 measures in at 7-inches, which is considerably larger than the touchscreen on the GC2. The GC3 System running the latest firmware also offers support for partitioning through its Smart Areas feature. Additionally, the GC3 has a Z-Wave Plus controller, compared to the standard Z-Wave controller of the GC2.

2gig gc3 diy wireless security system w slash 7 screenAdditionally, there are also wireless systems from other manufacturers that are more advanced than the 2GIG GC2. Two prime examples are the Honeywell Lyric Controller and the Qolsys IQ Panel 2 Plus. The Honeywell Lyric is noted for its support of up to 128 wireless zones and its compatibility with Apple HomeKit. The Lyric can use the same 345 MHz wireless sensors as the GC2 System, as well as encrypted sensors from its exclusive Honeywell SiX Series lineup. The IQ Panel 2 Plus also supports up to 128 wireless zones, but the type of wireless sensors it uses depends on which daughtercard version is purchased. Qolsys offers 319.5 MHz, 345 MHz and 433 MHz versions of the IQ Panel 2 Plus. Additionally, every version of the IQ Panel 2 Plus can support PowerG 915 MHz Sensors. The system also serves as a functional Z-Wave Plus controller.

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