Can I convert my wired Honeywell system to be wireless?

YES! Your existing Honeywell wired alarm system can be upgraded to support wireless security sensors. First, you will need to purchase and install a wireless receiver. There are two approaches in determining which RF receiver fits your needs. There are wired keypads (notated with the suffix 'RF') that can be added or swapped in place of an existing keypad - OR - you can install a stand alone 5881 series wireless receiver. You can only add a single RF receiver to a Honeywell VISTA-15P, VISTA-20P and the VISTA-21iP wired alarm panel. So make sure you future proof yourself the first time around. The higher end commercial grade alarm panels like the VISTA-128BPT can support 2 receivers.

If you go with an RF keypad you are going to get more bang for your buck for a few reasons. The cost is around the same (in some cases even less) for the RF keypad compared to the stand alone receivers. However the added value of the physical keypad function (especially in the case of an alphanumeric keypad for deeper level programming) is far greater. Most importantly, the keypads all include a 5800TM wireless transmitter module which allows for bi-directional RF transmissions for devices like the 5800WAVE wireless siren. A stand alone RF receiver does not. Keep in mind that adding a 5800TM in tandem with a stand alone RF receiver will not support newer bi-directional devices such as the above mentioned wireless siren.

When choosing a receiver, the number of wireless zones required must be taken into consideration. Typically, each wireless device will use up one wireless zone.** The Honeywell 5881ENH, and 6160RF keypads support as many wireless zones as the control panel used will allow. See how many wireless devices each panel supports here. The 5881ENM, and 6150RF keypads all support 16 wireless zones. If you are simply looking to add a few wireless sensors to your system you may want to look at the 5881ENL, which only supports 8 wireless zones but is less expensive than the other options. If you have a commercial grade panel the 5881ENHC wireless receiver will support unlimited zones, has front and back tamper loops, and meets commercial burglary and fire standards.

**Please note that each loop on a wireless sensor will be seen as its own zone. Also, each button on a security key fob (since they each are assigned to their own loop) are also seen as their own zone.

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You're welcome. Please refer to this FAQ:
Hi. There, Thank you for the suggestion. I reviewed the videos for 5877GPK, they are all about installing with lyric system. I was wondering if there is one available pairing with L5210 wireless system?
I recommend using the 5877GPK , with this you can pair it wirelessly to the L5210. It uses a simple, local 2-wire connection. We do offer monitoring services and free tech support here at
Hi. There, I have an old Vista 10SE security system installed. I want to use the existing system but want to make it wireless. Therefore, I purchased Honeywell L5210 wireless system and also wired to wireless Honeywell 5800C2W converter. I have installed both new systems but I have not installed the zoned sensers yet because I am sort of stuck with Garage door senser box for fobs. What do I need to have the wires connected to? The zones are self explanatory, I got six zones and I can connect those but for the garage opener wired connection is not possible in 5800C2W. Any help? Thanks
If keypad address 19 is not already enabled (any version older that rev 10 it wouldn't be by default) you can enable it by entering programming (Installer Code + 8 + 00) pressing *192, 1, 0. Then *99 to exit programming. Once you have the 6150rf working, you will need an alphanumeric keypad to add additional zones though.
On a VISTA10SE, the keypads would have been set to the non-addressable address of 31. You should set the new one to 16, then use that one to enable addresses 17, 18 and 19 in the panel so that the other three will work. You will need an alphanumeric keypad for the zone programming though.
Thanks for your reply. I'd like to add a few wireless sensors to my basement. So, I finally went ahead and bought a 6150RF unit, but am having trouble getting it to work. I attached the unit and it showed that it was addressed to 17. I already have thee keypads installed, so I changed the address of this unit to 19 (assuming 16-18 were used by my current configuration). Even though the unit has a new address, it does not "come on," though it lights up. I am assuming that I need to tell the Vista board that this keypad is available and connected...but I don't know how to do that. Can't find any information in any of the manuals and install guides. Do I really need an alpha-numeric keypad to complete installation? Can you help? Thanks!
Your VISTA-10SE is compatible with any Honeywell wireless receiver. The VIP programming offered by the newer model RF keypads will not be support though.
How can I found out which of these RF units will work with my Vista 10SE system? I'd love to be able to use the newer 52 and 62 models.

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