How do you perform a Go/No Go test on a Honeywell VISTA-20P security system?

The Honeywell VISTA-20P alarm control panel has a Go/No Go test mode that you can use to ensure that your wireless devices will have good wireless reception back to your wireless receiver before permanently installing the devices. To access the Go/No Go test mode, simply enter your four digit installer code followed by the [#] key and then the [4] key. You can then fault each of your wireless devices from their intended mounting location. If your alarm keypad beeps three times, you can be confident the wireless sensor will have good wireless reception once installed. If the keypad does not beep, you will need to try another location. Please note that a few inches can make a big difference when testing wireless range. After you are done testing all of your wireless sensors, simply enter a valid user code followed by the [OFF] key to exit the Go/No Go test mode.

If you have multiple partitions programmed for your VISTA-20P alarm control panel, you will need to perform the Go/No Go test from each partition using that partition's keypad.

The Go/No Go test mode actually slightly reduces the range of your wireless receiver to ensure that your wireless devices will have good wireless reception once they are installed. Also, make sure your hand is not wrapped around the wireless sensor while testing as your hand can interfere with the wireless transmitter.

If you are not able to successfully complete the Go/No Go test mode because some of your wireless devices are out of range, you can also add a 5800RP wireless repeater to boost the signal strength of your wireless receiver.

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