Can a Key Fob be used to control a 5877 Garage Door Opener?

Honeywell 5800 series key fobs can be programmed locally into the 5877 Garage Door Relay, as long as they are not set for high-security mode. The 5877 does not support encryption, so the SiXFOB is also not compatible. The following steps outline how to use a 5834-4 locally with the 5877GDPK.

To program the key fob to a 5877 Relay Module, take the following steps:

1. Select the button to be used. Choose which button on the key fob will be used to control the garage door. The D Button (*) is often selected for this purpose.

2. Make sure the key fob is not in high-security mode. Around May of 2015, Honeywell began shipping the 5834-4 key fobs from the factory in high-security mode. When pressing a button on the fob, if the LED lights up Red, it's in high-security mode. To return the fob to low-security mode, press and hold buttons B, C, and D simultaneously for 5 seconds. The LED will light Green briefly, then turn off.

3. Program the fob's serial number into the 5877. Press and hold the program button on the 5877 wireless relay module for one (1) second, then release. The LED will start to flash green. While it is flashing, press the selected key fob button to enroll it. Once a serial number has been enrolled properly the LED should stop flashing. Repeat these steps to enroll up to seven (7) key fobs. When enrollment is complete, test each key fob by pressing the button enrolled in the relay module. You should hear the relay module should click for each wireless button press.

Honeywell offers a 5877GDPK, a Lynx Touch Garage Door Opener kit which includes the wireless relay receiver and a SSA1 Z-Wave wireless siren and strobe alarm. This will provide both audio and visual warning that your garage door is being opened or closed. The Lynx Touch and Lyric system can still be armed when the garage door is open and when the "Garage" response type is selected, once the garage door is closed the zone will be monitored as part of the burglary system. If "Garage Monitor" is selected instead, the system will display garage door status, and can automate functions based on this information, but will never cause an alarm on the zone. The panel also features the option to automatically close the garage door if it has been left open for more than a specific programmable period of time or at a specific time.

The Honeywell Lynx Touch Garage Door Opener, 5877GDPK is compatible with the latest model (all white around the screen) L5100, L5200, L5210, L7000, as well as the Lyric Controller. It has very little functionality with VISTA panels enabled to work with wireless receivers. Unfortunately, at this time, the VAM and Tuxedo Touch do not support Z-Wave garage door automation using the 5877GDPK through the Vista panels. In addition to local control of the garage door relay, using a button on the key fob programmed locally to the 5877, automation scenes including the garage door can be programmed based on a key fob button press.

Reminder, for any Z-Wave devices to work with your Honeywell Lynx Touch panels, you will need the L5100-Z-Wave add-on module.

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We saw your comments on and it seems you have a MyQ garage door controller which isn't compatible with the 5877 module. Is that true?
I did enroll keyfob 5834-4 into 5877 and heard a click sound, but i can not open my garage door by keyfob. What is the next step or what i did wrong? Someone know how?

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