Can a Key Fob work w/ a 5877GDPK Garage Door Opener?

Yes, you can program a key fob to a wireless 5877 Relay Module to open your garage door.

The following instructions are using a 5834-4 Four Button Key Fob. The 5834-4 is pre-programmed with two serial numbers assigned by the manufacturer. Serial one number is located on the back of the key fob. Serial two is not printed on the key fob but will be one digit higher than serial one. Example: Serial one number A xxx-xx34, serial two, A xxx-xx35. Each button is assigned a serial and loop number found on the Installation and Setup Guide that comes in the box with the key fob. Typically key fobs are programed to arm, disarm, stay and panic. These functions are usually programmed for one button press. The 5834-4 Four Button Key Fob provides up to eight functions. Four, one button press and four, pressing two buttons at the same time.

To program the key fob to a 5877 Relay Module, select and assign a button or buttons to control the garage door opener. Designate the input type as BR (button type)., Press and hold the program button on the 5877 wireless relay module for one (1) second, then release. The LED will start to flash green. After it starts to flash green, press the button/buttons of the key-fob to enroll it. When prompted for the serial number press the appropriate button/buttons twice and release, or manually enter the serial number at the keypad. If enrolled properly the LED should stop flashing green. Repeat the same process to enroll up to seven (7) key fobs. When completed enrolling the key fob(s), test each key fob by pressing each key button enrolled in the relay module. The relay module should click for each wireless button press.

Honeywell offers a 5877GDPK, a Lynx Touch Garage Door Opener kit which includes the wireless relay receiver and a SSA1 Z-Wave wireless siren and strobe alarm. This will provide both audio and visual warning that your garage door is being opened. The system can be armed when the garage door is open and once the garage door is closed the zone will be monitored as part of the burg system. It can also be programmed for monitoring only without providing burg protection.The panel also features the option to automatically close the garage door if it has been left open for more than a specific programmable period of time or for a specific time.

The Honeywell Lynx Touch Garage Door Opener, 5877GDPK is compatible with the later model (all white around the screen) Lynx Touch L5100, Lynx Touch L5200, Lynx Touch L7000, and has a little functionality with VISTA panels enabled to work with wireless receivers. Unfortunately, at this time, the VAM and Tuxedo Touch do not allow the 5877 to be controlled from the panel.

Reminder, for all Z-Wave devices to work with your Honeywell Lynx Touch panels, you will need L5100-Z-Wave.

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We saw your comments on and it seems you have a MyQ garage door controller which isn't compatible with the 5877 module. Is that true?
I did enroll keyfob 5834-4 into 5877 and heard a click sound, but i can not open my garage door by keyfob. What is the next step or what i did wrong? Someone know how?

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