Do 5800 Sensors Work On A Lyric Security System?

Yes, Honeywell’s 5800 series devices are compatible with the Honeywell Lyric security alarm system.

The Lyric Controller alarm system supports both the Honeywell SIX series devices and the 5800 series devices.

The Honeywell SIX series devices are fully encrypted and run on RF 2.4 GHz, while the 5800 series devices run on RF frequency of 345Mhz.

The 5800 series devices are programmed different into the Lyric Controller then what the SIX series devices are.

To program a 5800 series sensor, is very similar to programming a Lynx Touch Series control panel. Enter programming by selecting the Security icon from the home screen then Tools. Enter the installer code (Honeywell’s factory default installer code is 4112).

Select Zones, then New, then Add New. Select Serial Number and enter the serial number manually or by auto enrolling.

Next, enter a Loop number and then Zone Description.

Select Device Type then Response Type.

Then Select Alarm Report, then Chime, then Supervision (all RF devices should be supervised).

Refer to the install manual of the 5800 series device that is being installed and the Lyric Controller programming guide for complete instructions.

The Lyric Controller’s Six series devices, include; door window contact, motion detector, smoke detector, glass break, keyfob andthermostat.

Honeywell’s 5800 series consist of door/window sensors, keypad, motion detectors, glass break, smoke, heat detector, smoke & heat detectors, co2 detector,temp and water sensor, key fobs, indoor siren, panic buttons, commerical panic button, and medical buttons.

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I haven't tested those myself but I know other customers use them with the LYNX Touch panels and that they just have integrated 5800 Series sensors in the windows so they should certainly work with the Lyric.
@sterlingdonnelly:disqus , have you ever tried the verilock window sensors connected into Lyric?
You can use the much improved SiXSIREN ( though.
Bummer...Ok, Thanks!
The 5800WAVE is not compatible with the Lyric as it's a bi-directional 5800 Series device.
Are you sure? I can't get the 5800 WAVE to work with Lyric..

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