Does The 2GIG GC3 Have A Compatible Touchscreen Keypad?

Yes, the 2GIG GC3 has a compatible touchscreen keypad. Both the 2GIG SP1 and 2GIG SP2 Touchscreen Keypads can be used with the GC3. These keypads both provide arming and disarming functions for the GC3. However, only the SP1 provides automation control and voice functions.

2gig gc3 diy wireless security system w slash 7 screenA user will typically install an SP1 or SP2 Keypad if they want a second point of on-site access to their GC3 System. They may install one of these devices by their back door or their garage door, in case they enter or exit their home from one of these locations. Some users may also put an SP1 or SP2 by their main entrance so that their GC3 is not as vulnerable during a break-in. Up to four different external keypads in total can be paired with a GC3 System.

In order to pair an SP1 Keypad, the GC3 System will need to be running firmware version 3.1 or higher. But for pairing an SP2 Keypad, the System will only need to be running firmware version 3.0.2. However, we recommend upgrading to version 3.1 regardless, as it makes the pairing process easier. Users who need to upgrade the firmware on their GC3 System should check this page. It is also possible to update the firmware over the air (OTA) through To do this, the user should contact their alarm monitoring company and let them know that they would like to update their GC3's firmware. A small fee is required to perform an OTA firmware update for the GC3. Alarm Grid passes this fee onto the customer at no mark-up.

Both the SP1 and SP2 offer similar functionality. Both feature a 7" full color touchscreen. They can be wall-mounted, or they can use the 2GIG CP-DESK Desk Mount. Both devices connect with the system using WIFI, and they both provide basic security controls and chime functions. However, only the SP1 offers voice annunciations, Z-Wave home automation control and the ability to view the current weather.

2GIG also offers another external keypad for the GC3 System, the 2GIG PAD1-345. But this keypad is a touch-button, and it does not feature a display screen. That said, it will provide arming and disarming functions just like the SP1 and SP2.

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