Honeywell L7000 VS L5210 VS Lyric Security System

Honeywell’s Lynx Touch L5210 and L7000 and the Lyric Controller are all self contained security systems that have many similarities, but their differences make each one unique.

The Lynx Touch L5210 has a 4.3 inch color touchscreen.

The Lynx Touch L7000 and the Lyric Controller both have a 7 inch color touchscreen.

The Lynx Touch L5210 supports 1 hardwired zone and up to a total of 79, (5800 series RF) wireless zones ( including 16, 4-button keyfob zones). Zone 1= Hardwired, 2-45 = RF protection zones, 46-48 = Garage zones, 49 - 64 = RF protection zones, 140 - 147 = button zones, 148 - 155 = RF protection zones, 180 - 185 = Hi/Lo Temperature (Z-wave Zones) and 95, 96, 99 = Keypad panics.

The Lynx Touch L7000 supports 1 hardwired zone and up to a total of 103, (5800 series RF) wireless zones which include 24 key fob zones. Zone 1= Hardwired, 2 - 44 = RF protection zones, 45 - 48 = Garage zones, 49 - 80 = RF protection zones 140 - 163 = button zones, 180 -187 Hi/Lo Temperature (Z-Wave Zones), and Zones 95, 96, 99 = Keypad Panics.

The Lyric Controller supports 2 hardwired zones and up to 128 Encrypted SIX Series devices and or 5800 series RF wireless zones. Zones 1-2= Hardwired, 3-126 RF protection zones, 127-130 Garage zones, 131 - 162 button zones, 280 - 291 Hi/Lo Temperature (Z-Wave Zones), 840-843 Wifi Tablets, 850-857 LKP500 Keypads, Zone 900 = Back Tamper, Zone 901 = Side door Tamper, Zone 988 = RF Jam 5800 series, Zone 990 = RF Jam SiX series, and Zones 995, 996, 998, 999 = Keypad panics.

Both the Lynx Touch L5210 and L7000 are compatible with the Honeywell L5100- WiFi module communicator.

The Lyric Controller has a built in WiFi module.

The Lynx Touch L5210 and L7000 compatible cell communicators are the 3GL(AT&T) and the GSMVLP5-4G (AT&T)or the CDMA-L57 (Verizon).

The Lyric Controller’s compatible cell units are the Lyric 3G (AT&T) and the Lyric CDMA (Verizon)

All three systems support dual communication and only the Lynx Touch L5210 supports a land line.

The Lynx Touch L5210 and L7000 are compatible with the L5100Z-Wave module for home automation.

The Lyric Controller has a built in Z-Wave module for home automation.

The Lynx Touch L5210, L7000 and the Lyric Controller are all compatible with the LT Cable. The LT Cable not only makes the connection from the panel to the transformer easy, users can simply unplug the cable from the pigtail to power down the panel without having to remove any wires.

The Lynx Touch L5210 and L7000 and the Lyric Controller are compatible with Total Connect 2.0.

Total Connect 2.0 allows users to control the alarm system, home automation and video surveillance from any computer, smartphone or iOS device. Users can receive notifications via email and or text message on any alarm event.

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I will definitely take some photos and send them to you once I open it up, probably on Monday! In the meantime, thank you for your prompt help & customer service. Happy New Year too.
Well the easiest way to tell is to simply open up your existing LYNX Touch panel and take a look at the existing wiring. The panel will beep at you once you open it up, but hitting the touchscreen will stop the tamper trouble beeps. Feel free to send pictures to if that's easier.
I am embarrassed to tell you, but I have no idea. How do I find out? We didn't install this device, but we're hoping we could handle a simple swap/replacement to Lyric.
Do you have an existing LT-CABLE that uses the barrel input connector?
Would Lyric's elimination of the barrel connectors make swapping out the panels much harder than usual? Is there a video showing how to replace the Lynx panel with the Lyric panel? Thank you again.
Yes, the panels use the same transformer actually so it would just be a process of swapping the panels out and re-programming the sensors to the Lyric.
Thank you for the reply! I found the transformer in the laundry room in an outlet way up near the ceiling. There is a red wire which comes down directly from the bottom of the transformer, and this wire then disappears into the wall by way of a wall plate (with a circular hole in it) that is situated directly beneath the transformer box itself. There is also a black power box, with a black wire that also disappears into the wall through the same wall plate. Does this mean it would be relatively easy to install the Lyric. Our current system is the Lynx 5200. Thank you again for helping explain this to me.
There has to be power coming into the Lynx from somewhere. The wires for it were probably fished through the wall, and the transformer for it may be in another room. You would need to replace the Lynx Transformer with the one for the Lyric, but then you should be able to use the same wires. Depending on which Lynx you have, be careful as the Lyric transformer is polarity sensitive, and some older Lynx panels used an AC to AC transformer, which would not be polarity sensitive. Think of hooking the transformer up as you would jump starting a car. You want to be sure you hook positive to positive, and negative to negative.
We have Lynx 5200 and are considering updating to Lyric. But, since the installation of Lyric requires a transformer, and as far as I know, the Lynx didn't, it looks like we'd have to rip out some kitchen backsplash tiling to install this in the same location where our Lynx is currently located. Is that correct?
It sounds like you have a self-contained panel like the Lynx Plus L3000. Can you please email us a photo to
No flip down door. It's a big keypad (probably about 10" wide and 6" tall. I can remove the cover and find several circuit boards inside.
Does the keypad have a flip down door or just an LCD display with buttons underneath?
I have no panel. All the intelligence seems to be in the keypad. I have no idea how to identify the PROM chip on the keypad circuit boards.
Only one Lyric controller. However you can add remote keypads: LKP500 - If the ADT system was a Honeywell system (in most cases they are) you actually can use those sensors. The Lyric is backward compatible with Honeywell 5800 series sensors. Confirm which panel you have by opening up the metal cabinet and replying with the markings on the PROM chip.
Two questions: 1. Can I have more than one Lyric Controller in my home? 2. I have an older ADT system with wireless sensors. Do I assume correctly that the Lyric cannot use those?
Most of the negative reviews on the Lyric WIFI thermostat were from the 1st generation version. We've heard better reports on the 2nd generation. With that said, any Z-Wave thermostat will also work with the Lyric. The Ecobee will not work as it's WIFI and not Z-WAVE and only the Lyric thermostat is the only WIFI thermostat that integrates with the actual Lyric panel.
Can anyone report any experience with the Lyric Controller and Z-Wave thermostats other than the Lyric branded thermostat, which has not gotten great reviews. If a thermostat (e.g., ecobee) is Apple HomeKit compatible, can Lyric control it? Thanks.
Great! Thank's for the reply!
We don't sell anything like that so I wouldn't have any recommendations for you.
Thanks - in that case I think I will keep the camera system separate - any thoughts on a good indoor/outdoor system with NVR (equivalent to the Honeywell Mini-Domes)
Yes, it will integrate with Homekit but we don't have an expected date for that integration as of yet. The Lyric only works with the AlarmNet IPCAMs found online at
Any news on whether the lyric system will integrate with Apple's Homekit? Also I want to us the Honeywell POE Outdoor Fixed Mini-Dome there anyway to integrate them over wifi?
Yes, existing 5800 Series sensors are compatible with the Lyric system. Only the wireless keypads, sirens and relay modules (if you have any or all of those) wouldn't be compatible.
I have a Lynx 5200 and want to upgrade it to the Lyric, but am curious if my current door and window sensors connected to my 5200 is comparable with the Lyric? (Would be a pain to have to change out all the sensors.)
Not at this time, but you may be able to potentially tie it in with Total Connect 2.0 service if you have a LYNX Touch in the future.
Can a 2nd gen lyric round thermostat RCH9310WF be connected to the L5200 / L7000 control panel?
Well the Lyric will have the WIFI and Z-Wave support built in but the cellular will be a separate module. Unfortunately, we'd be guessing if we tried to speculate which would cost more for the setup you need.
Thanks. Just bought a Lynx 7000 without any modules so I'm trying to figure out if the cost of buying those modules would still be cheaper than the Lyric system or not.
We expect it to be released by next month and we don't have pricing yet but we know it will be a premium compared to the LYNX Touch equipment pricing.
Any idea on how much Lyric will cost? Also any update on potential release date? Thanks!

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