Honeywell Lyric Security System VS L7000 VS L5210

Three of the best wireless systems from Honeywell are the Lyric Controller, the L7000 and the L5210. The Lyric is Honeywell's newest and most advanced system available today. The L7000 and L5210 are from Honeywell's older LYNX Touch Series. They are not quite as advanced as the Lyric.

Honeywell l7000 wireless home security system with 7 inch screen

The Lyric Controller offers all of the bells and whistles one would expect out of a new security system. It can connect to a WIFI network right out of the box, and it can use cellular communication with a simple add-on. The Lyric features a modern design and a beautiful full-color 7-inch touchscreen display. It is the recommended choice for anyone who wants a new Honeywell System.

The L7000 and L5210 are both from the Honeywell LYNX Touch Series of systems. They are actually very similar panels, with the L7000 being only slightly more robust. The biggest difference is that the L7000 features a 7-inch touchscreen, while the L5210 only has a 4.3-inch touchscreen. The L7000 also allows for a greater number of wireless zones and programmable user codes than the L5210.

The real difference is when you compare the Lyric Controller to the LYNX Touch Systems. The Lyric Controller comes both WIFI and Z-Wave ready. The L7000 and L5210 will require both a WIFI add-on (L5100 WIFI) and a Z-Wave add-on (L5100 ZWAVE) in order to do this. The Lyric is also the only panel of the three that can use encrypted sensors (Honeywell SiX Series). Another win for the Lyric is that it supports more wireless zones and programmable user codes than the LYNX Touch Panels. However, all three panels can interface with the popular Honeywell 5800 Series Sensors.

In short, if you are looking for a new Honeywell Panel, then we recommend choosing a Lyric Controller. But if you already have an L7000 or L5210, then you don't necessarily need to make an upgrade. Both the LYNX Touch Panels can do almost everything the Lyric Controller can, though some small add-ons will be needed. All three systems can certainly be used in an excellent security setup.

Lyric Controller
Honeywell Honeywell Honeywell
Compatible Sensors
Honeywell SiX Series, 5800 Series, 2GIG*
5800 Series 5800 Series
Display Screen
7 Inch LCD Touchscreen
7 Inch LCD Touchscreen
4.3 Inch LCD Touchscreen
6.65”H x 8.50”W x 1.30”D
7.5”H x 9.5”W x 2.0”D
6.1”H x 8.5”W x 1.71”D
Built-In Voice
Yes Yes Yes
Interactive Service
Total Connect Total Connect
Total Connect
WIFI Connectivity
Yes (included) Yes (L5100 WIFI needed) Yes (L5100 WIFI needed)
Cellular Connectivity
Yes (module needed) Yes (module needed, see compatibility page)
Yes (module needed, see compatibility page)
Z-Wave Home Automation
Yes (included) Yes (L5100 ZWAVE needed) Yes (L5100 ZWAVE needed)
Encrypted Sensors
Yes (SiX Series) No No
85 dB 85 dB 85dB
2 MP
None None
User Codes
48 Total
48 Total 32 Total
Input & Power Supply
2.7A 9VDC adapter
2.7A 9VDC adapter
2.7A 9VDC adapter
4-Hour 1100mAh
Rechargeable nickel-metal hydride battery pack rated at 7.2Vdc
Rechargeable nickel-metal hydride battery pack rated at 7.2Vdc
Wireless Zones
128 (plus 32 key fob) 79 (plus 24 key fob) 63 (plus 16 key fob)
Hardwired Zones
2 Built-In 1 Built-In
1 Built-In

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I have the below Honeywell 6150 Security - panel Honeywell Vista 21 IP system WA21IPSIA-3.13 2010 REV 3.13 VS21 IPSIA 2.10.28 Prom: W21IPSIA-3.13 -- 2010 REV 3.12 Supports Vista-GSM/4G ==================== I've been looking at the Honeywell Tuxwifi, Lyric, and Lynx. I understand from talking to different groups that the Tuxwifi pad is an available upgrade to my present touchpad. But, I want to make sure I have the best choice letting me integrate my current wired honeywell z-wave devices to Smarthings or other smarthome devices like Alexa/August/Ring. Any advice on which touchpads would allow me the greatest range of compatibility? Trying to figure out how to control and monitor the best way. Have Samsung Smartthings, Amazon Alexa, August Smartlock, Ring doorbell
The only system currently that supports homekit is the Lyric, you can review these videos about setting up and programming the Lyric here:
Hi, I have a L5200 and I'm looking to get it to work with Apple Homekit. Is there an adapter/conversion kit? If not, are there any DIY instructions on how to upgrade from an existing L5200 to a Lyric? Would a DIY job be possible for such an upgrade?
We do not have a complete list on hand, however there are a good amount of thermostats that work with the L7000. Here is an FAQ that reviews the thermostats more:
Looking around at Zwave devices to work with the L7000 panel, do you have a definitive list of them? I found a few articles on the site with broken links and such. Wondering about full range of Thermostats primarily, or if the that TH8320ZW1000 model is the only one that really works with it. The reviews are so-so for that one. And then, more out of curiosity, wondering about door locks, lights, what will work with the L7000. Want to know the range of possibilities.
Thank you so much for taking the time to reply. I don’t want the cost of the 5816’s so I will look into the other options. Again, thank you.
Theres a couple of options actually. You can use the 5800C2W which is a 9 zone wired to wireless converter. You could also use a SiXCT's internal contacts and hardwire a wired sensor into those to report back into the panel. You could also use 5816's internal contacts and hardwire a wired sensor into those to report back into the panel. Do you have an existing Lyric? If so, you should take a look at some our non contract monitoring plans ( ).
Is there a way to get the hardwired zones to work with a Lyric if you have more than 2 zones?
I will definitely take some photos and send them to you once I open it up, probably on Monday! In the meantime, thank you for your prompt help & customer service. Happy New Year too.
Well the easiest way to tell is to simply open up your existing LYNX Touch panel and take a look at the existing wiring. The panel will beep at you once you open it up, but hitting the touchscreen will stop the tamper trouble beeps. Feel free to send pictures to if that's easier.
I am embarrassed to tell you, but I have no idea. How do I find out? We didn't install this device, but we're hoping we could handle a simple swap/replacement to Lyric.
Do you have an existing LT-CABLE that uses the barrel input connector?
Would Lyric's elimination of the barrel connectors make swapping out the panels much harder than usual? Is there a video showing how to replace the Lynx panel with the Lyric panel? Thank you again.
Yes, the panels use the same transformer actually so it would just be a process of swapping the panels out and re-programming the sensors to the Lyric.
Thank you for the reply! I found the transformer in the laundry room in an outlet way up near the ceiling. There is a red wire which comes down directly from the bottom of the transformer, and this wire then disappears into the wall by way of a wall plate (with a circular hole in it) that is situated directly beneath the transformer box itself. There is also a black power box, with a black wire that also disappears into the wall through the same wall plate. Does this mean it would be relatively easy to install the Lyric. Our current system is the Lynx 5200. Thank you again for helping explain this to me.
There has to be power coming into the Lynx from somewhere. The wires for it were probably fished through the wall, and the transformer for it may be in another room. You would need to replace the Lynx Transformer with the one for the Lyric, but then you should be able to use the same wires. Depending on which Lynx you have, be careful as the Lyric transformer is polarity sensitive, and some older Lynx panels used an AC to AC transformer, which would not be polarity sensitive. Think of hooking the transformer up as you would jump starting a car. You want to be sure you hook positive to positive, and negative to negative.
We have Lynx 5200 and are considering updating to Lyric. But, since the installation of Lyric requires a transformer, and as far as I know, the Lynx didn't, it looks like we'd have to rip out some kitchen backsplash tiling to install this in the same location where our Lynx is currently located. Is that correct?
It sounds like you have a self-contained panel like the Lynx Plus L3000. Can you please email us a photo to
No flip down door. It's a big keypad (probably about 10" wide and 6" tall. I can remove the cover and find several circuit boards inside.
Does the keypad have a flip down door or just an LCD display with buttons underneath?
I have no panel. All the intelligence seems to be in the keypad. I have no idea how to identify the PROM chip on the keypad circuit boards.
Only one Lyric controller. However you can add remote keypads: LKP500 - If the ADT system was a Honeywell system (in most cases they are) you actually can use those sensors. The Lyric is backward compatible with Honeywell 5800 series sensors. Confirm which panel you have by opening up the metal cabinet and replying with the markings on the PROM chip.
Two questions: 1. Can I have more than one Lyric Controller in my home? 2. I have an older ADT system with wireless sensors. Do I assume correctly that the Lyric cannot use those?
Most of the negative reviews on the Lyric WIFI thermostat were from the 1st generation version. We've heard better reports on the 2nd generation. With that said, any Z-Wave thermostat will also work with the Lyric. The Ecobee will not work as it's WIFI and not Z-WAVE and only the Lyric thermostat is the only WIFI thermostat that integrates with the actual Lyric panel.
Can anyone report any experience with the Lyric Controller and Z-Wave thermostats other than the Lyric branded thermostat, which has not gotten great reviews. If a thermostat (e.g., ecobee) is Apple HomeKit compatible, can Lyric control it? Thanks.
Great! Thank's for the reply!
We don't sell anything like that so I wouldn't have any recommendations for you.
Thanks - in that case I think I will keep the camera system separate - any thoughts on a good indoor/outdoor system with NVR (equivalent to the Honeywell Mini-Domes)
Yes, it will integrate with Homekit but we don't have an expected date for that integration as of yet. The Lyric only works with the AlarmNet IPCAMs found online at
Any news on whether the lyric system will integrate with Apple's Homekit? Also I want to us the Honeywell POE Outdoor Fixed Mini-Dome there anyway to integrate them over wifi?
Yes, existing 5800 Series sensors are compatible with the Lyric system. Only the wireless keypads, sirens and relay modules (if you have any or all of those) wouldn't be compatible.
I have a Lynx 5200 and want to upgrade it to the Lyric, but am curious if my current door and window sensors connected to my 5200 is comparable with the Lyric? (Would be a pain to have to change out all the sensors.)
Not at this time, but you may be able to potentially tie it in with Total Connect 2.0 service if you have a LYNX Touch in the future.
Can a 2nd gen lyric round thermostat RCH9310WF be connected to the L5200 / L7000 control panel?
Well the Lyric will have the WIFI and Z-Wave support built in but the cellular will be a separate module. Unfortunately, we'd be guessing if we tried to speculate which would cost more for the setup you need.
Thanks. Just bought a Lynx 7000 without any modules so I'm trying to figure out if the cost of buying those modules would still be cheaper than the Lyric system or not.
We expect it to be released by next month and we don't have pricing yet but we know it will be a premium compared to the LYNX Touch equipment pricing.
Any idea on how much Lyric will cost? Also any update on potential release date? Thanks!

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