How Many 5800C2Ws Can the Lyric Alarm System Support?

The Lyric Alarm System can support 14 complete 5800C2Ws, plus one partial 5800C2W. If you wanted to max out a Lyric with entirely hardwired zones, you would need 15 of the Honeywell 5800C2W Modules. By maxing out the system with 5800C2Ws, you would not be able to use any wireless sensors.

Honeywell 5800c2w hardwire to wireless system 9 zone conversion moduleThe Resideo Lyric Controller supports up to 128 wireless zones. These are Zones 3 thru 130. Technically speaking, Zones 127 thru 130 are reserved for garage doors, but you can actually use these zones with any compatible sensor. This includes sensors from the Honeywell 5800 Series, the encrypted Honeywell SiX Series, and the 2GIG 345 MHz Sensors (Firmware Update MR3 or higher required). Other compatible 345 MHz sensors for the Lyric include the 345 MHz Optex Motion Sensor and the VERSA-2GIG Door and Window Sensor.

The Honeywell 5800C2W is a hardwired to wireless converter that allows you to take hardwired sensors and have them communicate with the Lyric System wirelessly. The Lyric has two (2) wired zones that can be used for hardwired door and window sensors only. If you want to use any wired sensors beyond that, then you will need to use one or more 5800C2W Modules to assign the wired sensors to the available wireless zones. Each 5800C2W will provide support for up to nine (9) hardwired sensors. Hardwired life-safety sensors like smoke detectors and CO detectors cannot be used with the 5800C2W.

Whenever you use a hardwired sensor with a 5800C2W, the sensor will take up one of the available wireless zones. This means that you will be able to use one less wireless sensor with the system. If you want, you can technically use up every last wireless zone with a hardwired sensor that is communicating with the system wirelessly using a 5800C2W. If you did this, then you would be able to use 128 hardwired sensors with the system. And if you also used the two (2) built-in zones for wired contacts, then you can theoretically use up to 130 hardwired sensors on a Lyric Alarm Panel. Keep in mind that doing this would not allow you to use any wireless sensors with the system.

In order to max out every available wireless zone with hardwired sensors, you would need enough Honeywell 5800C2W Converters to take up 128 wireless zones. Each 5800C2W will cover up to nine (9) wireless zone. Doing the math, this means that you would need 15 of the 5800C2W Modules if you wanted to use each and every wireless zone with hardwired sensors. Unfortunately, this math does not come out even. You would actually use 14 of the 5800C2Ws in their entirety, but only two (2) of the nine (9) available terminals on the 15th and final 5800C2W. This would give you a grand total of 128 zones, and therefore max out all of the available wireless zones on the Lyric.

Now, having a 15th Honeywell 5800C2W Converter where you only use two (2) of the available inputs is quite wasteful. Remember that although each 5800C2W comes with its own transformer, you will still need to get a backup battery for each and every module. You will also need the necessary cabling. Alarm Grid sells a 5800C2W Kit that can help you reduce costs, but expenses will pile-up quickly. For the 15th and final module, instead of purchasing an entire 5800C2W and using just two (2) of the inputs, you might be better off just getting a couple of Honeywell 5816 Door and Window Contact Sensors. This sensor can operate as a wired to wireless transmitter for a single Normally Closed (NC) contact sensor. You will need to program the 5816 using Loop Number 1 to use the sensor in this way.

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