What is the best DIY home alarm system?

The best DIY home alarm system is one built around reliable hardware in terms of the main control panel and peripheral sensors. It is ideal to setup dual path communications for remote monitoring as well. Each security system installation is slightly different but there are some basic rules for building a solid system. Wireless technologies have come a long way in the past few years. The best system should start with Honeywell hardware; the LYNX Touch L5200 and L7000 are both great options. We offer bundled wireless security system kits that come with an alarm control panel, door/window contacts, motion detector, and a key fob.

The most popular kits are the L7000PK-WIFI-3G (pictured above) and the L5200PK-WIFI-3G. These kits come with (3) 5811 slim door/window contacts, (1) 5800PIR-RES pet immune motion detector, (1) 5834-4 key fob, the L5100-WIFI internet communicator and the 3GL cellular communicator. If you are looking to protect more door/windows you can upgrade to the L5200PK10-WIFI-3G or L7000PK10-WIFI-3G. Each of these kits come with (10) 5811 skinny contacts instead of 3.

Every LYNX Touch comes with an AC transformer and a backup battery. The transformer requires a wired connection to the panel (cable not included). We offer the LT-Cable for DIYers looking for a clean cable for easy power cycling. The cable has a right-angle DC barrel connector that connect to the panel and two spade connectors that offer a clean connection to the screw terminals on the transformer. Those looking to custom cable the panel should use stranded 18 gauge wiring (i.e. 18/2) which can be sourced at your local hardware store.

Each sensor is equipped with adhesive tape designed to firmly attach to doors, windows and sheetrock. Be sure to clean and dry the surface before installation. You can also screw them in if you prefer. After the system is physically installed, programming the system is very intuitive. The icon driven programming makes it easy for any DIYer to configure the system. You can also subscribe to our YouTube channel for instructional videos!

You can also add other forms of burglary, environmental, and life-safety protection by simply adding sensors (a la carte). The most popular add-ons include the 5808W3 smoke/heat detector, the 5853 glass break detector, and the 5800CO Carbon Monoxide detector. If you prefer recessed door/window contacts Honeywell has several options with the most popular being the 5818MNL, the 5800MICRA (great for windows), and the 5800RPS (great for metal doors).

Both the L5200 and the L7000 are flash upgradeable so they will support Honeywell's future firmware updates. They are both easy to install, configure and operate for all ages and skill sets. Anyone willing to get their hands a little dirty can install this system through the use of our youtube channel, free tech support (Monday through Friday 9AM to 9PM EST), and free remote programming capabilities.

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