Do Honeywell WIFI thermostats work w/ Total Connect?

Up until April 2016, Honeywell's WIFI thermostats were limited to being used with the Total Connect Comfort app for remote status and control. This meant that customers with WIFI thermostats had to use the Total Connect 2.0 app for security and automation and Total Connect Comfort for HVAC. Although the TC comfort app is free and only requires WIFI (not Z-Wave) the inability of these WIFI thermostats to integrate with TC 2.0 was frustrating. In the form of an update to the TC 2.0 app, Honeywell announced that all TC Comfort (TCC) compatible WIFI and RedLink thermostats can now be controlled via TC 2.0!

Traditionally, if you wanted to integrate a thermostat with your Total Connect 2.0 service, you would need a Z-Wave thermostat like the Honeywell ZWSTAT. Check out our informative FAQ: What is the best Z-wave thermostat? for more information on the ZWSTAT. Since the latest TC 2.0 update, TCC thermostats are now compatible with TC 2.0! Any Honeywell system that supports TC automation can now support these WIFI thermostats. Including, but not limited to, the VISTA-20P and VISTA-21iP with the Tuxedo Touch or VAM, a Lynx Touch L5210 and L7000 with the L5100-ZWAVE module and the Lyric Controller and Gateway systems.

Since it requires enrollment in TC automation services through your alarm company, you will need to provide the MAC and MAC CRC for your Tuxedo or VAM if you have a VISTA panel. For Lynx Touch and Lyric systems you just need to have your dealer enable TC automation for you. We bundle automation into any of our silver or higher level no contract monitoring plans. Here are some screenshots from the iPhone app to display exactly how the TCC WiFi thermostats integrate:

First click on the 3 horizontal bars on the top right of the automation section. Then you will see the following:

Then click on the "Add/Remove TCC Thermostat" in order to link your TCC login to TC 2.0. The last screenshot shows the login field for linking the two apps.

Total Connect 2.0 is an interactive service that provides remote security system controls and instant text and email notifications. The service has available add-ons like remote Z-Wave control and video surveillance. You can access the service from a web browser or from an app on your smartphone or tablet. Still not sure exactly what this Total Connect 2.0 app is? Feel free to log into a live Total Connect 2.0 account at Use 'alarmgrid' for the username and 'totalconnect' for the password.

Please note: In order to control your ZWSTAT you will need a Z-wave controller. If you have a Lynx Touch L5100, L5200, L5210 or L7000, check out the affordable L5100-zwave module. Simply slide this module into your panel, have your dealer enable the automation service, and you are good to go. Lyric Controller and Gateway come with a built-in Z-Wave controller.

Also, the Lyric systems now integrate with the Honeywell Lyric WIFI thermostat as well.

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Thanks Dylan. I apologize for being a little confused when you say it will not be able to function with my panel. I am looking to be able to control the alarm system and thermostat through one app. I also need to be able to control the thermostat at its source. In the end do you think it best to go WiFi or zwave for what I am looking to do?
A wifi thermostat can work with Total Connect 2 as well as Total Connect Comfort, however it will be unable to function with your panel. Only a zwave Tstat will work with Total connect 2 as well as the panel itself. I'm going to includes links to a couple more FAQ's, one going over what tstats are compatible with Total connect as well as a document that goes over wifi thermostats and how to set these up as well:
Does anyone know if you can use a vista t6 pro thermostat using total connect 2 with a vista 20 p panel. I don’t want a zwave T6 thermostat as I prefer to have the flexibility of Total Connect 2 or total comfort. If not what is best thermostat to integrate with total connect 2 and alarm system using vista 20 p panel. Thanks
It depends on if you are asking about Z-Wave thermostats or WIFI thermostats and if you are asking about Total Connect 2.0 or Total Connect Comfort.
no, I have done 12 wifi through total comfort
You are correct. Trane is pushing Nexia on thier thermostats so they may be used as a hub for home automation via a paid subscription. For my purpose, the thermostat is the slave device and will function as intended.Nexia is based on the open architecture of z wave and all the security system is doing over z wave is commanding the thermostat to change the setting to home or away profiles based on the armed vs disarmed status of the alarm. I spoke with a rep from 2 sources and this was the general consensus. In addition to the previous issue I found Trane also wants me to subscribe for a fee just to utilize the weather forcast features. That's a deal breaker as well.
My understanding of Nexia is that it unifies control of automation devices which use various protocols, not just Z-Wave, so it being compatible doesn't necessarily make it Z-Wave. Looking at the Nexia list of compatible products, there is a Trane thermostat that is listed as Z-Wave, and then there are a couple which are not (including the ones you mentioned). I realize it's a moot point now, with the 24V issue, but I say this as much for our benefit, as for yours.
Ah, okay. Thank you for letting us know they are in fact Z-Wave. You may want to check with your HVAC professional to see about Z-Wave thermostats that would be friendly with your 24V HVAC system.
They run Nexia, based on z wave networking so they would be a go. Problem is ran into to is even with the relay they are not conventional 24v friendly
Those seem to be WIFI thermostats, not Z-Wave thermostats. Only Z-Wave thermostats can be integrated into an L7000 panel.
With the Lynx 7000 does anybody know if I can use the Trane ComfortLink™ II XL950 or the smaller ComfortLink™ II XL850? Will there be any draw backs or is there full support both from the internet based app and the Lynx panel itself?
This is true. You need to enroll in Total Connect 2.0 automation services with your monitoring company. Kevin already has the TC automation service. He was referring to syncing newly included Z-Wave devices to the app. It required a panel sync from the TC web login.
I am an alarm service tech and your alarm company has to add your tuxedo touch to total connect 2.0 possibly for an additional fee.
The RHT6580 is a WIFI thermostat and therefore can't be added to the L7000 system as the L7000 only works with Z-Wave thermostats. However, if you have Total Connect 2.0 service, you can tie in that thermostat with your TC2 account as described in the FAQ above.
Is the Lynx 7000 compatible with the RHT6580 thermostats? There are almost no instructions and the setup is very frustrating.
There is an arrow on the right that allows you to jump over to any other thermostats for remote control. Otherwise, you can try syncing panel data from the locations section in TC 2.0 web version.
I have a Tuxedo Touch control panel with two Trane z-Wave thermostats. Both thermostats appear and work fine on the Tuxedo Touch controller. When I pull up the TC2.0 app on my iPhone only one thermostat is visible and able to be controlled. Is there a way to add the second thermostat to the tC app?
Last year I was told it was limited to 3 wireless thermostats on total connect. Is that still the case?
Glad to have helped and please keep us in mind once your contract is up.
That worked! Thank you!
You should have one scene for when you arm and one for when you disarm. It sounds like you are trying to group those into one scene which is why it's not working.
2 years unfortunately. I wish I found you guys prior, it would have saved me a bundle on installation and equipment fees. I did try playing with the rules and scenes. I was able to get it to go into Energy Savings mode upon arming. I'm still having issues getting it to get back to scheduled upon disarming/returning though. I have it set for Operation 1 - Arm Away and Operation 2 - Disarm and it didn't work. Any suggestions?
If they can offer you AlarmNet services, there shouldn't be any reason they can't offer you the automation support. Are you under contract? If not, you can switch to us. We offer no-contract services at You can certainly use local scenes/rules to have the thermostat activate on arm/disarm commands without the service though.
Turns out they don't support automation...wish I knew that before I purchased. I was really looking forward to the thermostats automatically going up and down when I armed/disarmed too. Will setting rules still get me that?
You need to make sure your alarm provider has the automation feature enabled.
Hi, I purchased a L5100-ZWAVE and a ZWStat to hook into my Lynx 5200. Everything reads fine and works fine locally, but my TC 2.0 doesn't show the thermostats. Is there anything else I need to do?
I would call them and have them troubleshoot the issue with Honeywell. There are too many variables involved for us to be able to provide much help.
Unfortunately I'm with Monitronics and they have been semi-helpful on issues, although I pretty much have to tell them how to set things up (video cams, zone settings, etc.). So if TC is receiving the thermostat info but won't send info, what do you think the possible cause is? Should I delete the thermostat and add back, call Monitronics, etc? Thank you so much!
The GE thermostat should work with Total Connect if it's working with your Tuxedo. Are you an Alarm Grid customer or are you setup with Total Connect through someone else?
I should add that I'm using a 21ip panel with a Tuxedo Touch to connect to the thermostat. Thank you in advance!
My Total Connect account sees and pulls info from my z-wave connected GE thermostat without issue. However, when I try to change the temp or any other setting from Total Connect, it does not send the command to the thermostat. The app just sits there and the TC website gives me some kind of error. Does TC require a Hoenywell z-wave thermostat to control it? Or should the GE thermostat be working and I'm missing a setting somewhere? Thank you!

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