Honeywell Total Connect Comfort WIFI and RedLink thermostats are now compatible with Total Connect 2.0!

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One of the most common questions asked by our customers is: Can I use my Honeywell WIFI thermostat with Total Connect? For years, this question required a complicated response that ultimately resulted in the answer, "No, they do not work with Total Connect 2.0." Well, Honeywell has responded to this customer feedback by integrating WIFI thermostat control with Total Connect 2.0! Before getting into the nitty, gritty details of how this integration works, let's take a step back and review the Total Connect Comfort and Total Connect 2.0 apps. For obvious reasons, these two apps are commonly confused with one another.

Total Connect Comfort is a free app which allows users to control and view status of their HVAC system. This app requires a compatible Honeywell thermostat that communicates using WIFI or Honeywell's RedLink technology. The WIFI thermostats simply to connect to the wireless internet in your home or business and connect to the TC Comfort app. RedLink is a proprietary technology that allows HVAC components to speak to each other wirelessly. Air handlers can wirelessly control boiler and condensing units without any wiring! RedLink thermostats require a RedLink Internet Gateway (RIG). Instead of communicating directly to the WIFI router, the thermostat wirelessly pairs to the RIG. After the RIG is connected to your router with an ethernet patch cable the RedLink thermostat will also be available for interactive control via TC Comfort.

Total Connect 2.0 is technically a free app in the app store but it requires a paid subscription with a Honeywell AlarmNet dealer. This app is designed to control and trigger customizable text and email alerts with a compatible Honeywell security system. The Honeywell system will need a compatible AlarmNet internet and/or cellular communicator in order to work with TC 2.0. This app also supports remote automation control in the form of Z-Wave technology. Essentially, a customer will add a compatible Z-Wave controller to their Honeywell alarm panel and be able to control and configure alerts for Z-Wave lights, locks, thermostats, etc.

Up until late April 2016, the only way to control a thermostat through TC 2.0 was to purchase and install a compatible Z-Wave thermostat. The issue here was that some TC 2.0 customers already had TC Comfort and wanted to keep their thermostats. Other customers required HVAC technologies such as "Dual Fuel" or remote thermistors and humidistats that cannot be found in Z-Wave thermostats. Unfortunately, the Z-Wave thermostat landscape is not very diverse and the technology built into these devices are not very advanced. Also, depending on your alarm system Z-Wave controllers can be expensive. Anyways, the WIFI and RedLink tstats offer a much wider range of features. For all these reasons we are extremely excited that TC 2.0 now supports TC Comfort (TCC) thermostats!

Currently this can only be accomplished through the iOS app on your mobile apple device (i.e. iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) running iOS 7.0 or higher. The last app update on April 27, 2016 (Version 3.10.5) added the ability to add TCC thermostats through the automation section on the app. Keep in mind that you will need to be enrolled in Total Connect 2.0 service and have "remote automation" services enabled. Some dealers may charge extra for this service but it will give you the ability to integrate Z-Wave devices and just recently the TCC thermostats and August locks.

Assuming you have already setup remote automation services with your alarm company now you can integrate your TCC devices with TC 2.0. After you click into the "Automation" tab on the app, press the icon on the top right (3 horizontal bars). Then press "Add/Remove TCC Thermostat." Now you can enter your login credentials (email and password) for your TCC app. After you login, you should be able to control TCC thermostat from the TC 2.0 app. This is a brand new integration so the details around setting up scenes, rules and scheduling are still being fleshed out. The good news is that Honeywell acted on customer feedback and now you can control even more devices in your home right from TC 2.0!

Total Connect 2.0 can be offered standalone for self monitoring customers or bundled together with central station monitoring for those interested in getting phone calls and dispatching the local authorities when needed.

**Please Note**

Your Honeywell VISTA system must have a Z-Wave module installed for you to use Total Connect 2.0 Automation features. On an all-in-one LYNX Touch or Lyric wireless system, TC2 automation can be added to any TC2 account. However, if you have a traditional VISTA security system, you will need to have a Tuxedo Touch WIFI touchscreen keypad or VAM module connected to your system to take advantage of the TC2 automation features. The Tuxedo and VAM are physical Z-Wave controllers for upgrading VISTA systems to home automation features. Even if the TC2 automation you are doing doesn't require a local z-wave controller (like integrating in the Honeywell WIFI Total Connect Comfort or Redlink Thermostats or integrating in WIFI August locks for instance), the automation TC2 feature can't be enabled without a Tux or VAM MAC/CRC combination being added to the TC2 account. While these cloud based TC2 integrations are a nice way to integrate various home automation into on application, you don't need to upgrade your VISTA panel with a Tux or WIFI if you don't plan to ever do any physical Z-Wave devices as you can always continue to control your TCC/Redlink thermostats and August locks through the existing separate apps that are offered for those devices now.

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When you say "system" I'm not sure what you mean exactly. Are you looking to integrate the RedLink and WIFI Total Connect Comfort thermostats together into Total Connect 2.0, the app you'd use to control a Honeywell security system and automation devices?
I just learned 2 RedLink dual stage heat pump stats and the other 6 Honeywell stats are WiFi. Can I purchase the RedLink modem and connect the WiFi and the RedLink to the system.
Redlink thermostats should always ship with an included redlink internet gateway that plugs into your wifi router's LAN port. If you are missing the gateway you should be able to purchase the part individually online: THM6000R7001. We do not currently carry it. I hope that helps!
I have two Honeywell THX9421 Prestige wifi thermostats. Do I have to have the RedLink to (1) be able to connect them to my network and (2) use Alexa to control them?
Yes, you should be able to add all of those to the same network.
i have 4 wireless honeywell 6000 thermostat, can i connect all 4 of them by wifi to one redlink gateway
We haven't heard from Honeywell on an ETA for the Android push notification feature but we do expect another TC2 app update before the end of the year so hopefully it's included by then.
When will this be available for Android app? Seems strange that it's been 6 months and they have not updated Android app to allow this.
I think they are both great systems that do most of the same things. However, the encrypted SiX Series sensors are already out now for the Lyric while we are still waiting for 2Gig to release their version of encrypted sensors and last we heard, it may not be until Q3 or Q4 of this year that they are available.
What are your thoughts on 2gig gc3 vs lyric? I see that you have installed both . They seem similar in video but need you expert advice. Thanks
Okay, we look forward to hearing from you.
Thanks i am leaning towards lyric . I will order from you website something this week and try the $10 TC2 option. Hopefully it will work well. Then I will add zwave option. Thanks.
I've seen lots of TC2 accounts that weren't setup properly and that's why they didn't act properly. With the account setup properly, I believe it works well. With that said, you certainly may prefer the Alarm .com service instead as it is a great service as well so then it would come down to what's more important (the hardware or the interactive service).
BTW i have a friend that has TC2 and another one who uses . I have to say looks and work great compare to TC2. i also considering buying 2gig gc3 but i am on the fence because of honeywell lyric. both i want DYI monitoring only.
We expect to have the LKP500 keypad available this month or next. I'm just curious where you've experienced the TC2 app to be laggy as that hasn't been our experience. The My Home Controller will only work when you are on the same network as the system so you'd be using the regular TC2 app to control the Lyric when you aren't home.
i have nothing right now. I was considering buying the lyric ? when will be the lyric keypad available? i need another keypad in the bedroom. i just hate the total connect interface. but i like the look of this app. this app is only good as long as you on the same network correct ? it won't work when i am away? thanks.
That looks like the My Home Controller app which works with Honeywell's new Lyric system - when you are on the same network as the system. What alarm system do you have connected to TC2 now and do you have IP, cellular or dual path communications?
do you know what app is this ? or is this something new Honeywell will release in future? the total connect is little laggy and not aesthetically pleasing when compared to interface.
None that I've heard so far.
Any timeline for Android or web availability?
I insist....Honeywell, with their dependable notoriety, must be the one that you ought to examine them. They are likewise reliable in security frameworks that are familiar with the name of Honeywell Security System.

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