Can I Install a Honeywell Lynx Touch Panel as DIY?

Yes, you can install a Honeywell Lynx Touch panel as DIY. With their great functionality and overall ease of use, Honeywell Lynx Touch systems are great for DIY users. Honeywell has made it very easy for Lynx Touch owners to enroll new wireless devices and make important system upgrades.

All of the Honeywell Lynx Touch panels function in basically the same way, regardless of which system you have. When setting up your Lynx Touch panel, you will need to know its Installer Code. Knowing this code will allow you to make changes to the system, such as enrolling new wireless sensors and setting up a cellular communicator. All of this can be done by accessing the programming mode of the Lynx Touch system. The default Installer Code for all Honeywell Lynx Touch panels is 4112.

For new DIY users, we recommend using wireless devices with a Lynx Touch panel. This is because wireless devices are generally easier to install and configure than hard-wired devices. All of the wireless devices in Honeywell's 5800 Series are great for use with a Lynx Touch panel. Wireless devices are configured on a Lynx Touch system by enrolling them with a wireless zone. Once you have accessed programming mode on the system, you will be able to easily reach zone programming. From there, you can enroll new wireless sensors and make changes to existing devices.

Most Lynx Touch owners will also want to upgrade their panel so that it is able to get online. This is typically done through WIFI or a cellular connection. Either method will require certain upgrades to your Lynx Touch. It is also possible to use both WIFI and cellular for an extremely reliable dual-path communication setup. Whether you decide to add WIFI, add cellular or add both, making such an upgrade will allow your system to access Honeywell's Total Connect 2.0 service. With Total Connect, you will be able to remotely arm and disarm your panel, receive text and email alerts and remotely control Z-Wave devices, assuming a Z-Wave module has been setup.

The videos below show you how to install the L5100-WIFI and the Cellular communicator in a Lynx Touch. Shown is the L5200 panel, but installation is the same for all Lynx Touch panels:

This video shows how to install the L5100-ZWave into a Lynx Touch. Shown is the L5200 panel, but installation is the same for all Lynx Touch panels:

All of these upgrades can be fully completed by an end user, and they are absolutely necessary for getting the most out of your Lynx Touch system. If you require any help getting started with your Lynx Touch panel, Alarm Grid offers industry-leading technical support online and over the phone for monitored customers.

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