Honeywell Lyric WIFI 3-1 5800MINI Kit

Alarm System, (3) 5800MINI Sensors, (1) Motion, 8' Cable

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The Honeywell LYRIC5800PK kit includes a new Lyric Alarm System, three (3) Honeywell 5800MINI Door and Window Contacts, a SiXPIR Motion Sensor, and a Honeywell LT-Cable for providing power. This is a great starter kit for those new to home security. Buy the Honeywell Lyric 3-1 Kit here.
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The Honeywell Lyric Controller 3-1 Kit is an ideal starter kit for users looking to get started with home or small business security. The kit includes a brand-new Honeywell Lyric Alarm System, three (3) 5800MINI Door/Window Sensors, one (1) SiXPIR Motion Sensor, and a Honeywell LT-Cable.

The Lyric is considered one of the top security systems on the market today. It is a wireless all-in-one panel with support for up to 128 zones. Its 7-inch full-color touchscreen display makes it easy for new users to operate and program without the help of a professional installer. The system comes with a built-in 345 MHz receiver for supporting most Honeywell 5800 Sensors. It can also support the Honeywell SiX Series Sensors, which utilize military-grade 128-bit AES encryption for enhanced wireless security. To get you started, we have included three (3) Honeywell 5800MINI 345 MHz Door and Window Sensors and one (1) Honeywell SiXPIR Encrypted Motion Sensor. You can easily expand upon the system by adding other sensors as needed.

Providing power to the Lyric System is made easy using the Honeywell LT-Cable and the Lyric Transformer, which both come included in the kit. By using the prepared LT-Cable, you will not need to strip any wires. This makes the system perfect for DIY installers. You can also add a Honeywell LCP500-DK Desk Mount to rest your panel on a desk or table. This will prevent you from having to drill any holes in the walls, meaning that you can install the entire system with nothing more than a screwdriver! The included sensors are all wireless, and you can easily mount them using double-sided foam tape. Programming the system is made super simple, and you can complete it all by yourself with just some basic instructions.

This Lyric System also includes a built-in WIFI card (2.4 GHz only), which allows you to connect it with the Resideo AlarmNet360 Servers with no additional add-ons. This is necessary for alarm monitoring service, and it will also allow you to use the system with Total Connect 2.0. If you aren't familiar with TC2, it is an interactive monitoring and automation platform that you can use to control your system from pretty much anywhere. You can use TC2 to arm and disarm, check current system status, control Z-Wave devices, and much more. The Lyric even includes an integrated Z-Wave card so that you can pair up to 72 Z-Wave devices with the system. Remember that you will need an appropriate monitoring plan to get the system monitored and connected with AlarmNet360 and TC2.

While using WIFI-only is certainly an option for alarm monitoring, users who want the ultimate reliability should consider upgrading their Lyric Systems to use cellular connectivity. The two main cellular communicators for the Lyric System are the Honeywell LYRICLTE-A (AT&T LTE) and the Honeywell LYRICLTE-V (Verizon LTE). Unlike IP connectivity, cellular service almost never goes down or becomes unavailable. This is crucial for making sure that your Lyric System remains constantly connected with the AlarmNet Servers for alarm monitoring. Please note that you will need a cellular monitoring plan to use one of the aforementioned communicators. Whether you choose AT&T or Verizon will have no impact on your monitoring expenses, so just go with whichever network works best in your area.

A major reason why many users choose the Honeywell Lyric Security System is because it is one of the few alarm panels that is compatible with the Apple HomeKit platform. Many iOS users take advantage of this feature and integrate their Lyric Systems with their HomeKit networks. This way, they can have various HomeKit devices respond automatically based on certain system events. You can even control your Lyric System remotely using Siri voice commands on your iPhone. More information on using the Lyric with Apple HomeKit can be found here. Please note that your Lyric System must be activated for alarm monitoring service in order to be enabled for use with HomeKit.

Brand: HoneywellResideo

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