What Motion Sensors Can I Use With A Qolsys IQ Panel 4?

The motion sensors you choose for your Qolsys IQ Panel 4 will depend on your panel version. Every IQ Panel 4 can support DSC PowerG sensors. However, certain versions also support a legacy RF frequency. These include 345 MHz, 319.5 MHz, and 433 MHz sensors. Here, we'll lay out the options.

DSC PG9984P, PowerG Dual-Tech Motion Sensor with Pet Immunity:

Generally, the Qolsys IQ Panel 4 supports legacy RF frequencies so that you can easily replace an existing system, potentially from a different manufacturer, without having to replace all of the existing wireless sensors. For this reason, the motion sensors that will be used with the legacy panel capabilities will usually be pre-existing. However, you could choose a legacy RF motion because it has some unique characteristics that you wish to take advantage of.

DSC PowerG Motion Sensors

Every version of the Qolsys IQ Panel 4 can support PowerG sensors. DSC PowerG sensors have numerous advantages over legacy RF sensors. They offer full 128-bit AES Encryption. They have a tremendous transmitting range of several thousand feet, line-of-sight, and if that's not enough, they offer a repeater, which can effectively double that range. The lineup of sensors is robust and growing. Qolsys and DSC have even begun rolling out a lineup of PowerG automation devices that share their security sensor's impressive range and encryption capabilities.

There are a couple of PowerG-Only Qolsys IQ Panel 4 systems. These are offered only in white as a 2-1 kit (two (2) door contacts and one (1) motion detector), and are slightly less expensive than their dual-SRF counterparts.

IQ Panel 4 PowerG-Only 2-1 Kit W/ Verizon LTE
IQ Panel 4 PowerG-Only 2-1 Kit W/ AT&T LTE

DSC PG9984P - PowerG Dual-tech Motion Sensor with Pet Immunity - Uses both Passive Infrared (PIR) and K-Band Microwave to detect motion accurately. Dual-tech sensing prevents false activations caused by environmental factors such as sudden temperature changes within the motion's field of view. It is pet-friendly, for bets up to 40 Lbs. (18kg). (Image shown above.)

DSC PG9914 - PowerG PIR with Pet Immunity - Offers a coverage area of up to 39' (11.8m) using Passive Infrared (PIR) technology. It is pet-friendly for larger pets, up to 85 Lbs. (38kg). It uses two (2) CR123A lithium batteries and has an expected battery life of 6 - 8 years.

DSC PG9872 - PowerG Long-Range, Ceiling-Mount PIR Motion - Detects motion straight down, and covers an area of up to 65.6' (19.9m) depending on mounting height. Can be mounted at a height of 6.6' (2m) to 19.7' (6m). The higher you mount it, the wider the detection area diameter.

DSC PG9902 - PowerG Outdoor Curtain PIR Motion Detector - Often used with access control, curtain motions are often mounted above a door to indicate when someone passes through or needs to pass through, the door. As an outdoor motion detector, it can stand up to harsher environmental conditions than a sensor rated for indoor use only. It also offers pet immunity up to 40 Lbs. (18kg). Unlike the PG9872, the PG9902 has a very narrow field of view that can be adjusted, as necessary.

DSC PG9944 - Outdoor PIR Motion Detector with Built-in Camera - Think of it as a sort of trail camera for your alarm system. The camera is triggered only when the motion causes an alarm on the system. So, if the motion is bypassed, then no images will be recorded. This product can assist with alarm verification in jurisdictions where verification is a requirement before police dispatch. It can send captured images to the alarm panel, and also to Alarm.com and the end-user. It has too many advanced features to list here, so take a look at the product page. It requires two (2) batteries, and battery life is estimated at three (3) years.

DSC PG9994 - Outdoor PIR Motion Detector - This sensor is nearly identical to the PG9944, but without the built-in camera. It uses eight (8) PIR sensors, which help it avoid false alarms for things like swaying tree branches. It also offers up to 40 Lbs. (18kg) pet immunity.

DSC PG9924 - Indoor Curtain PIR Motion Detector - Usually mounted above doors or windows, curtain motion detectors offer a narrow detection window that provides an alert when someone passes underneath. Unlike the PG9902, the PG9924 is rated only for indoor use. A common example of this type of sensor is at the supermarket when you walk toward the entry/exit doors and they open automatically.

DSC PG9934P - Indoor PIR Motion Detector with Built-in Camera - Similar to the DSC PG9944, the PG9934P is a motion sensor with a camera built-in. When the motion sensor causes an alarm, it takes a series of images. Only the first image is sent to Alarm.com, but all images will be available when reviewed at the IQ Panel 4. In addition to images, it can also capture audio. It has IR Night Vision, and optional full-color or black-and-white images in day time.

DSC PG9974P - Indoor PowerG Pet-Friendly Motion Detector with Mirror Optics - With a 50' (15.2m) and 90° detection area, and advanced mirror optics the PG9974P provides superior detection with excellent false alarm prevention. It is pet-friendly for larger pets up to 88 Lbs. (39.9kg). This is a commercial-grade motion detector with both a front and a rear tamper. It installs easily, with no vertical adjustment required. It features active, adaptive anti-masking technology.

Qolsys and Interlogix/GE 319.5 MHz Legacy RF Sensors

In addition to PowerG sensors, the following versions of the IQ Panel 4 also support Qolsys and Interlogix/GE 319.5 MHz sensors. This includes support for the Qolsys S-Line encrypted sensors. When it comes to using legacy RF sensors, it is important to check the latest RF Compatibility Chart provided by Qolsys to be sure that the sensors you plan to use are compatible. A sensor not being on the list doesn't mean that it will not work, but sensors that are on the list have been tested and confirmed as compatible. Any sensor limitations will also be listed.

Qolsys IQ Panel 4 Verizon LTE, Interlogix/GE Compatible
Qolsys IQ Panel 4 AT&T LTE, Interlogix/GE Compatible

Qolsys IQ Motion-S - Encrypted 319.5 MHz PIR Motion Sensor - This motion sensor offers a coverage area of 30' x 40' (9.1m x 12.1m). It has a transmitting range of approximately 600' (182m) and offers Qolsys' S-Line rolling-code encryption. It uses 2 AAA Alkaline batteries and has an estimated battery life of about five (5) years.

On the left, the newest style is shown, and on the right, is the original design. It is the same as the original IQ Motion:

Qolsys IQ Motion - Non-encrypted 319.5 MHz PIR Motion Sensor - This is the original Qolsys IQ Motion, which did not offer S-Line encryption. It is the same design as that shown above on the right. Aside from encryption, it offers the same features and specifications as the IQ Motion-S.

Interlogix 60-511-02-95 - Crystal, Pet-Immune PIR Motion. Interlogix shuttered its residential alarm panel business at the end of 2019. For that reason, these sensors are no longer available. However, if you have an existing system with any of these motion detectors installed, they can be used with the proper version of the IQ Panel 4. Unfortunately, we can't offer you an image of this exact motion, but it should look similar to the image below. If you have existing motion sensors and you want to know if they will be compatible with a new IQ Panel 4, you'll have to open them up to check the model number.

Interlogix 60-807-95r - Indoor, Pet-Immune SAW PIR - Another Interlogix PIR that is no longer available, but that will work with the 319.5 MHz version of the IQ Panel 4.

Resolution Products RE110P - 319.5 MHz Wireless PIR with 44' (13.4m) Coverage Area - Has a Normal and High sensitivity jumper setting. The recommended mounting height is 7.5' (2.2m). It offers up to 60 Lbs. (27kg) pet immunity when set on Low Sensitivity and mounted at the recommended height.

Honeywell/Resideo and 2GIG 345 MHz Legacy RF Sensors

Next, we'll cover the Qolsys IQ Panel 4 that supports Honeywell/Resideo and 2GIG 345 MHz wireless sensors in addition to PowerG. If you're replacing an older panel from one of these manufacturers, and you want to take advantage of existing wireless sensors, this is a great way to do that. Keep in mind that only non-encrypted 2GIG sensors are supported. Likewise, only uni-directional sensors in both lines can be used. We will list the compatible sensors per the RF Compatibility Table provided by Qolsys.

Qolsys IQ Panel 4, Verizon LTE, Honeywell/Resideo, and 2GIG compatible
Qolsys IQ Panel 4, AT&T LTE, Honeywell/Resideo, and 2GIG compatible

Resideo 5800PIR-RES - Residential PIR Motion Detector with Pet Immunity - Offers a protection area of 35' x 40' (10.6m x 12.1m) and is pet-friendly up to 80 Lbs. (36.2kg). Has a battery life of approximately seven (7) years. Meant for residential installations. A high-traffic transmit inhibit means the motion will shut down for three (3) minutes after transmitting a signal. After three (3) minutes, it reawakens and is ready to trip again.

2GIG PIR1-345 - Pet-friendly PIR Motion Detector - Covers an area of 30' x 50' (9.1m x 15.2m) and offers two (2) pet-immunity settings. A jumper allows the user to set the motion for either 33 Lbs. (14.9kg) or 55 Lbs. (24.9kg). There is another jumper to set the detection sensitivity.

DSC 433 MHz Legacy RF Motion Sensors

In recent years DSC has developed the PowerG lineup of sensors, which use 915 MHz as their transmitting frequency. However, in the past, DSC panels used RF sensors in the 433 MHz transmitting range. If you happen to have existing motion sensors from one of these panels that still work, you can use them with the right version of the Qolsys IQ Panel 4.

IQ Panel 4, Verizon LTE, with Legacy DSC Sensor Support
IQ Panel 4, AT&T LTE, with Legacy DSC Sensor Support

DSC WS4904P - PIR Motion Detector with 60 Lbs. (27.2kg) Pet Immunity - Offers a coverage area of 40' x 40' (12.1m x 12.1m). Includes a high-traffic transmit inhibit, to conserve battery life. After transmitting, the motion will shut down for three (3) minutes, then wake back up, ready to activate again. A jumper offers high or low sensitivity settings.

DSC-WLS914 - Dual-element PIR Motion Detector - Covers an area of 100' (30.4m) and has two (2) detection modes. Fast Detection Mode and Slow Detection Mode. By default, it is set for Fast Detection Mode. Slow Detection Mode is for areas of rapid air movement, where environmental factors may cause false alarms. Offers pet immunity when installed following the proper installation guidelines.

If one of the motion sensors mentioned above doesn't have a product link, it is because that motion is no longer available for purchase from Alarm Grid. There may be other motion detectors available that operate at the various frequencies used for legacy RF sensors, but if they aren't listed on the Qolsys RF Compatibility Chart, we don't list them here.

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