• Gregory p
    "You can really do it yourself and have it professionally monitored. The Alarm grid team is very friendly and knowledgeable. If you call for help... you get answers and get it fixed."
  • Brian n
    "We picked Alarm Grid because there is no monitoring contract, and we could save on installation costs by doing the installation ourselves.... The system has worked flawlessly."
  • Robert c
    "Great peace of mind when I am not at home."
  • Austin s
    "I know it is done right, and I know that my system is working properly... [and] by installing my own system I have saved at least $5,000 dollars"
  • David m
    "I went with Alarm Grid because...there's no contract and Alarm Grid had great support and helped with installation over the phone."
  • Bhavin p richmond tx
    "My favorite part of Alarm grid is that the company empowers customers to offer customized system at very reasonable cost. "
  • Alfph j
    "My favorite part about my Alarm Grid system would have to be the home automation capabilities.... Not having to keep the heat and air running constantly while I'm away saves me a tremendous amount of money."
  • John h
    "After discussion of my needs with an associate of Alarm Grid it was easy to make the decision and to which company to use."
  • Joshua w
    "I like the fact that it just simply works. It’s not complicated. And it’s cost effective."
  • Mark l
    "Alarm Grid... allows me to have peace of mind wherever."
  • Stephen r lexington tn
    "Alarm Grid customer service was always available and very helpful.... Great personal service, knowledgeable staff, no contracts and fantastic value! Very happy."
  • Christian m fort worth texas
    "My favorite part of my system is the wireless design. It is nice to be able to add modules, as my budget allows."
  • Larry b trent woods nc
    "Alarm Grid had a wealth of information on their website, more than anyone else, outstanding customer support... [and] their price was truly affordable."
  • Stephen s winston salem nc
    "My contacts with the central station and customer service people have been nothing but positive."
  • Colin c statesville nc
    "AlarmGrid in my experience do exactly what they say they will do and at no time was I pressured into anything or did I feel that the technicians were troubled by my questions."
  • Carl r glen ridge nj
    "The homeowner's insurance discount practically pays for the monitoring fee."
  • Edgardo i manchester ct
    "I saved around $700 dollars."
  • Randy m campbell ca
    "You can expect to save 20% off your homeowners insurance. This has saved me nearly 200.00 dollars a year. The money saved will offset the monitoring charge per month."
  • Joe p la canada flintridge ca
    "The local alarm company was so expensive for installation that their one-year cost exceeded Alarm Grid's three-year cost! And because of their contract commitment term, the national company exceeded Alarm Grid for all time scenarios."
  • John c florence al
    "Thank you to the staff and employees at Alarm Grid for changing my impression on alarm monitoring companies!"
  • Nick m houma la
    "We chose Alarm Grid after being in a contract with ADT.... After one call to Alarm Grid, I found out exactly what I needed to be able to migrate to their services. Every time I call for support, they are always readily available and always have an answer for my question or problem."
  • Darryl h dubuque ia
    "I can not express how happy we are that we enlisted in Alarm Grid's services for our monitoring.... As long as I have an alarm system, Alarm Grid will always be my go-to company."
  • Chris t waterloo sc
    "Alarm grids excellent customer service is one of the best things they have going for them."
  • Carlos f niagara falls ny
    "I feel a lot safer that I have an alarm in my house. Alarm Grid does a great job answering the phone whenever I have a question, and they make sure to respond to my concerns quickly."
  • Ian b west pittston pennsylvania
    "ADT... wanted almost $5,000 to install their system... Alarm Grid saved me over $4,500."