Happy Halloween from Alarm Grid!

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Lady in an Alarm Grid Polo ShirtThis might be our favorite holiday around the Alarm Grid office since we all have an insatiable sweet tooth. Tonight all the lives of the Alarm Grid team members will be  be filled with candy. But in spite of our sugar induced hang overs, in the morning our office will be open and we will be ready to help with any of your alarm monitoring needs.

We just wanted to take this opportunity to wish you all a spooky halloween!

Be safe. And remember to set your security system if you're leaving the house.

Oh, and don't smash other people's pumpkins. It's just mean. They worked really hard on them. But we do highly recommend that you consider smashing your own when the night is through.

And one last thing. When your night is all done, you're ready to go to bed, and you've eaten all the candy you can possibly eat, consider packing up the remaining sweet sundries into a big box, and sending them down the the Alarm Grid headquarters. We're always happy to get random packages full of candy! ;)