NextAlarm Ceasing IP Monitoring Service

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Alarm Grid has learned that NextAlarm will be ceasing its IP monitoring service on June 30, 2020. Existing NextAlarm users will need to start new monitoring service in order to continue protecting their homes and businesses. A great option for new alarm monitoring service is Alarm Grid.

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According to a press release from NextAlarm, the company will be shutting down its Internet monitoring service at the end of next month. Any NextAlarm customer who has prepaid service that extends beyond the shutdown date should contact NextAlarm so that a refund can be arranged. NextAlarm did not release any information stating whether or not their cellular monitoring services would also be affected.

If you are a current NextAlarm customer with IP service, and you are looking to continue using your system for IP monitoring, we recommend checking out Alarm Grid. We can take over most systems that currently use NextAlarm Monitoring Service and set you up with one of our own monitoring plans. This is great for anyone looking to maintain inexpensive and reliable monitoring service for their home or business.

We recommend emailing us at with a picture of your current security system. This will help us determine if we can take over your system and use it with our monitoring service. If your system is housed inside a metal cabinet, make sure to include a picture of the inner circuit board. We may ask for detailed pictures of the system's PROM Chip if applicable, as that is often the best way for us to determine which system is being used.

Once we check your email, we'll send you a response letting you know your options. Many users will be able to activate without needing to purchase any additional equipment. This is a super easy way to maintain reliable and affordable monitoring service for former NextAlarm users. Our team checks new emails from 9am to 8pm ET M-F, so please keep that in mind when emailing us. We look forward to hearing from you!

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