Now You Can Test the Service

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Hi DIYers! We would like to announce that Alarm Grid has created a special test account for new customers. Anyone can access this account to test out the exciting features and capabilities of This can help you decide if the service platform is right for you.

This account can be accessed even if you do not have your own account. By accessing this test account, you can see what is like before you actually obtain the service for yourself. Existing customers may want to access this test account so that they can try out different settings without messing with their own configurations. This test account is also useful for users who are new to and want to learn how to properly use the service.

To access this test account, go to Then provide the following information:


Password: AlarmGrid123

Please note that the password is cAsE sEnSiTiVe, and A and G in AlarmGrid123 must be capitalized.

If you have any questions about this account, or if you are having trouble accessing it, please send us an email at

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