Reduce False Alarms with a Honeywell VISTA-21iPSIA or VISTA-128BPTSIA Alarm Control Panel

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Alarm Grid now offers the Honeywell VISTA-21iP and the Honeywell VISTA-128BPTSIA alarm control panels. We feel it is every alarm company's responsibility to focus on false alarm reduction to avoid unnecessary false alarm fines for the customer and more importantly, to ensure that local authorities will continue to respond to central station alarm dispatches. The Security Industry Association (SIA) recognizes that if police departments continue to respond to a high number of false alarms, they may eventually refuse to respond to any alarm dispatched by a central station. If this were to happen, the entire alarm monitoring industry would be at risk as alarm monitoring relies on the quick and effective response by the local authorities. Just like the story of the boy who cried wolf, police officers that continually respond to false alarms begin to assume all central station dispatched alarms are false alarms and therefore, response time goes way up and apprehensions go way down.

If local agencies feel they are wasting too much time and resources responding to false alarms, they may refuse to respond at all. Customers would then be required to hire expensive private guard services to respond to their alarms. Alarm monitoring is expensive enough already. Without the important partnership with local authorities, customers would be left with a very difficult decision. Do you save your money and have your security system just make a loud noise, or do you shell out the high cost for a guard service to respond to all alarms? At Alarm Grid, we feel everyone should be able to afford to protect their family and their property and therefore, we recommend SIA CP-01 compliant alarm control panels for every new security system installation. All SIA CP-01 compliant alarm control panels were manufactured to comply with the ANSI/SIA CP-01 standards document which details the features required to prevent false alarms. The VISTA-21iPSIA is a great residential option for a SIA CP-01 alarm control panel, while the VISTA-128BPTSIA is ideal for commercial applications. Both systems will ensure that you minimize your chance of activating false alarms. Since, the VISTA-21iPSIA and VISTA-128BPTSIA are the same price as the standard VISTA-21iP and VISTA-128BPTSIA, you do not have to pay extra to avoid the high cost of false alarm fines and you will be doing your part to ensure that alarm companies will be able to continue to offer low cost alarm monitoring services.

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