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Recently, announced support for the Schlage Encode Smart WIFI Deadbolt. This is the first WIFI lock that can be integrated within the ecosystem. It offers both manual control and automation using rules. The Schlage BE489 is popular with both builders and DIYers.

The Schlage BE489 comes in two trims and several finishes. The Schlage BE489 Century is a more modern-looking lock, while the Schlage BE489 Camelot is more traditional in appearance. In addition to the trim options, each trim offers a variety of finishes, including matte black, bronze, satin nickel, and chrome.

It seems as though every device you can use these days has an app to interface with it. Being able to control multiple and varied devices with a single app is particularly handy in today's electronic climate. By interfacing the Schlage Encode Smart WIFI lock with, you can manually disarm your system and unlock the door within a single app.

But the real benefit of this integration comes with the ability to automate the lock based on rules within For example, you could set up an automation that automatically locks the door when the system is armed away. You can even build an exit delay time into the rule, giving yourself time to exit through the door before it locks.

This feature, the ability to automate the Schlage BE489, is the really exciting part of this integration. The Schlage Encode Smart WIFI locks are popular with builders because, unlike Z-Wave or Zigbee, it's a pretty safe assumption that everyone will be using WIFI in their homes. So, just about anyone who moves into a new home with this lock installed will immediately be able to take advantage of its features. Combine this usability with the integration and this simple WIFI-capable lock moves to another level of sophistication and usefulness.

On top of its usefulness, the Schlage lineup of locks is visually stunning and has a stellar reputation within the industry. The BHMA is the Builders Hardware Manufacturer's Association. It is the only ANSI-accredited organization that develops and maintains performance standards for such items as locks, closers, exit hardware, and other hardware used by builders. The Schlage Encode Smart WIFI locks have a Residential Grade AAA for security, durability, and finish. Grade AAA is the highest grade that can be awarded.

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