Honeywell 5802WXT and 5802WXT-2 Wireless Medical Alert Now Available

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A Honeywell wireless security system can do so much more than simply protect against burglaries and intrusion. With 5802WXT and 5802WXT-2 wireless medical alert transmitters, you can use your Honeywell wireless security system as a medical alert system as well. The newly designed wireless panic buttons are ideal for elders living alone or for any family member with serious health risks. Each 5802WXT or 5802WXT-2 includes a lanyard, wristband, belt clip and keychain so that your sick or elderly family members will always be a button press away from receiving the emergency response they may need. The wireless medical alert devices are water resistant so they can even be used in the shower or bath tub where dangerous slip and fall situations are likely to occur!


When Alarm Grid's central station receives an alarm from a medical alert device, the operator can call you to notify you that your sick or elderly family member is in an emergency situation. If you are not available, or you request immediate medical response, the central station operator can also call the paramedics so that your loved ones get rapid medical response. 

Of course, you can use a 5802WXT or 5802WXT-2 as a normal panic button as well. When programmed as a panic button, the Honeywell 5802WXT/5802WXT-2 can trigger a silent or audible alarm and Alarm Grid's central station will call the police immediately upon receipt of the alarm. Make the most of your Honeywell wireless security system and your central station alarm monitoring service by adding wireless medical alert/panic buttons using the Honeywell 5802WXT or 5802WXT-2.

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