2Gig and Alarm.com Are Coming!

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Thanks to everyone who waited patiently on Thursday and Friday of last week. We did two days of training on 2GIG and Alarm.com so that we could serve you better going forward. Thanks for tolerating the inconvenience! We can't say it enough, but we have the best customers!

For those who are wondering what the plan is on our end, Alarm Grid is getting ready to sell 2GIG products in addition to the Honeywell products that we have sold and supported since starting Alarm Grid, we are getting ready to add what has become the second most popular brand in home security - 2Gig. 2Gig has pioneered the modern era of security systems. While Honeywell has always been the be-all and end-all of hardware, 2Gig and their relationship with Alarm.com make a deathly combo that rivals the best in home security.

At Alarm Grid, we've always had the desire to sell other systems and panels, however, we have avoided it because of how much emphasis we put on support. Before we send something to you, we want to make sure that our techs know the product that they are helping you with inside and out. That's what last week's two day training was all about. We got all our techs into a room, and had 2GIG and Alarm.com actually fly out to meet us in Florida to train the team.

We will begin selling 2GIG on AlarmGrid next Monday. So let the countdown begin!


No, there is no alarm.com module for a Honeywell VISTA. We suggest using an AlarmNet ( https://www.alarmgrid.com/browse/alarm-monitoring-communicators) communicator for a VISTA panel.
Can you take advantage of Alarm.com services with a Honeywell Vista panel?
We don't have an expected release date at this time but we will certainly have it available once it's available.
Have you heard when or if the 2Gig GC3 control panel is coming?