9/11's a Day to Honor Law Enforcement and First responders

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9/11 is a day I will never forget. I was a younger man back then, but the images of the two towers smoldering and falling down are seared into my memory. "America is under attack." Those are the words that were uttered by the Principle of my small Catholic school in the great state of Minnesota during a hastily gathered together convocation. Minutes after the student body gathered the first tower toppled into a heap, and shortly thereafter, the second tower followed. America stopped. Our airline industry ground to a halt. For those not old enough to remember, envision a sky with no airplanes. Envision a country filled with people who's stomachs would turn when they would hear the very occasional military Jet scramble. America went silent after 9/11, and everything changed.

I remember the patriotism that engulfed America. Americans hung flags from their cars, put little flags on their lawns, and proudly united around all the things that make this country great. I remember the brave firemen and policemen that waded through the rubble searching for America's living and dead. Many of those first responders lost their lives from complications attributed to the soot and chemicals kicked up by the falling towers. Today, we honor those brave men and women.

In the ensuing years, our country has been stuck in the miry quagmire of wars all over the Middle East responding to those that perpetrated terror on us on that terrible day in the year 2001. Those men and women are heroes, and I am humbled by their commitment to serving the country.

Little did I know then that 20 years later, I would be leading a company that worked closely with the nation's first responders. Alarm Grid is a proud partner with those men and women. We are honored to make both the people we serve and those men and women who serve us more safe. We hope that we continue to do them proud as they serve our country day-to-day. We hope to work with them and you for many many years to come.

Bless you all, and bless America on this most sacrosanct day.