Alarm Grid Is Closing Early On Tuesday March 6

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The Alarm Grid office is closing at 4PM EST on Tuesday March 6, 2018. This means that technical support will be unavailable for the remainder of the day. During this time, the entire Alarm Grid team is taking the opportunity to participate in a special team building exercise. Normal business hours will be resumed tomorrow.

In case you are curious about what the Alarm Grid team is doing, we will be going go-kart racing, bowling, playing arcade games and socializing. This outing includes the Alarm Grid Owners, our entire technical support team, our entire sales team, our shipping team, our receptionist, our brand new video guy (more videos coming soon!) and the technical writer who is creating this nifty blog post. We look forward to a fun afternoon full of merriment and enjoyment.

If you have any questions or concerns about your security system, or if you wish to sign up for monitoring, you may contact us online or over the phone during normal business hours starting tomorrow, Wednesday March 7, 2018. As a reminder, our normal business hours are M-F 9AM to 9PM EST, with phone support stopping at 8PM EST.

Thank you for choosing Alarm Grid, and we'll see you tomorrow!