Alarm Grid Releases the Clapper Universal Security Sensor

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Alarm Grid is super excited to announce its first ever in-house security sensor, the Alarm Grid AGCLAP1, better known as the Clapper. This is the world's first clap-based security sensor, and it is only available to Alarm Grid monitored customers. With this ground-breaking and claptastic device, setting off your alarm system has never been easier. Now you'll be able to trigger an alarm and call for help from almost anywhere in your home or business!

The Clapper is a sound-based sensor that uses the latest technology in audio detection to sense whenever someone has clapped their hands. Upon hearing one clap, the device will use its voice function to verbally state a helpful message. The message will say, "Hi DIYer! You have activated your Clapper. Please enter a valid user code to end this message." The message will then continue repeating indefinitely until a valid code is entered into the system. Attempting to destroy the system during this time will cause an alert to be sent out to a monitoring station for immediate emergency dispatch.

But the Clapper's capabilities do not end there. Clapping twice consecutively will instruct the Clapper to produce an ear-shattering siren with a sound rating of 140 dB. This volume is beyond the threshold of pain, and it will most certainly cause hearing loss upon continuous exposure. No intruder will want to remain on your premises after hearing this dangerously loud sound! Finally, clapping excessively (several times) will have an emergency rescue team sent out to your property as quickly as possible. In the event of a break-in or a medical crisis, we recommend simply remaining calm and clapping your hands repeatedly until help arrives.

The Clapper is fully wireless with an extensive range of 401 feet, and it is designed exclusively for Alarm Grid monitored customers. The device communicates using a highly advanced universal wireless frequency that lets it function with any panel monitored by us. To get started with your clapper, simply contact our support team. We will send a Clapping Language Application Protocol (CLAP) to your security system so that it can interface with the device. This CLAP is needed for the Clapper to use the Zone Type of "Clapper", allowing it to perform the special functions mentioned earlier.

In conjunction with the Clapper, Alarm Grid is also releasing the all-new Clap App. The Clap App is a smart application that works only with the Clapper. You can use the Clap App to remotely activate the Clapper by simply clapping your hands into the microphone on your smart device. This function will work at any time, even if the Clap App is not currently open. The Clap App also comes complete with a Clapping Simulator. This tool will produce a unique sound that mimics that of a human clapping their hands. By using this simulator, you can activate the Clapper without actually clapping your hands. It is also good for testing the Clapper to ensure proper function. The Clap App is already available for free download on any smart device.

Please be aware that the Clapper is an ultra-sensitive device, and it has been known to activate upon sensing clapping from a variety of different sources. With that in mind, songs that feature clapping, such as "We Will Rock You" by Queen and "Hey Ya!" by Outkast, should be avoided at all times. You should also refrain from watching any awards shows where excessive clapping might be present. In fact, the device is so sensitive that it is even possible for the device to activate just upon hearing the word "Clap". This means that Beck's 1996 hit "Where It's At" and Aaron Carter's "The Clapping Song" are out as well.

The Clapper is available for purchase right now, on our website only. For a limited time, anyone who purchases the Clapper from us will receive a complementary yard sign that boldly reads "My Property Is Protected By The Clapper". You can place this sign in front of your home or business. That will surely make anyone think twice about ever clapping their hands on your property! Order yours today!


Great product!! Will this work with Honeywell Lynx 52xx/7000 panels?