April 2018: Total Connect 2.0 Updates

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During ISC West 2018, Honeywell announced some important updates to their Total Connect 2.0 interactive service. These updates are expected to enhance the end user experience and improve the overall functionality of the service. This is excellent news for Honeywell users, as the interactive platform used with their panels is now more robust and capable than ever before. Let's check out some of the new features available from Total Connect 2.0.

WIFI Automation for VISTA without VAM or Tuxedo Touch

The Honeywell AlarmNet 360 division is currently developing an option for VISTA users to add WIFI automation devices to their Total Connect account without having to use a Vista Automation Module (VAM) or a Tuxedo Touch Keypad. This will provide VISTA users with greater flexibility in using devices such as WIFI thermostats and door locks with Total Connect. However, a VAM or Tuxedo Touch is still needed for a VISTA to use any Z-Wave devices. Honeywell has opened up Total Connect to cloud level integrations like Total Connect Comfort WIFI thermostats and August door locks. These are types of products that will be supported without the need for a VAM or Tuxedo after this feature is released.

Total Connect 2.0 Skill for Amazon Alexa

The Total Connect 2.0 Skill for Amazon Alexa is now available. This allows a user to operate their Honeywell Alarm System using voice commands with an Amazon Alexa device. Users can arm their system and check the current status of their system with some quick and easy voice commands. The Total Connect 2.0 Skill is available for free download through the Amazon Alexa App. To get started, access the Alexa App, locate the Total Connect 2.0 Skill, click enable, and link your Total Connect account.

Total Connect Garage Door Support

Honeywell will soon be adding support for both Chamberlain and LiftMaster MyQ Garage Door. Users will be able to access Total Connect to operate these brands of smart garage door controllers. By using the Total Connect Mobile App, these devices can be controlled remotely, and users can have any open and close alerts sent to their phone. Keep an eye out for more information regarding these upcoming integrations.

Multi-Partition Support for Total Connect

The much-anticipated multi-partition support for VISTA Systems from Total Connect will soon be made available! This feature will provide support for up to eight different VISTA partitions (depending on what the panel supports) that can be controlled from any web browser or through the Total Connect 2.0 Mobile App. This will provide enhanced usability for VISTA owners who use multiple partitions with their system. Up until now, VISTA alarm owners were limited to partition one for status, control and notifications. Although Alarm Grid operates a workaround solution, this native update will open up full integration to every partition on your alarm system. If you are interested in the beta, Honeywell has invited end users to join the excitement.

Check out some screenshots from our beta account below to scope out the new user interface:

New Language Support

Total Connect 2.0 will soon support language options for French Canadian, Latin American Spanish, and Brazilian Portuguese. These language options will soon be available for the Total Connect Mobile App, as well as the web browser version of Total Connect 2.0. Honeywell has also promised general improvements and various bug fixes to Total Connect 2.0 as well.

SkyBell Menu Improvements

Honeywell is planning on integrating the SkyBell section of the Total Connect 2.0 Mobile App with the Cameras tab. To view any security cameras, including the SkyBell DoorBell Camera, simply select the Cameras option on the menu bar. This will improve the end user experience by offering a single video interface, and it will make the menus easier to navigate by having fewer icons overall.


We're also anxious/excited to hear more and will be sure to post about it once we have more information. You can subscribe to blog updates online at http://feeds.feedburner.com/alarmgrid/blog as well.
Thanks for the link to your write up on ISC West. I was looking for just this kind of info from AlarmGrid but couldn't find it earlier. Looking froward to hearing more news soon.
We did a write up after ISC West ourselves - https://www.alarmgrid.com/blog/isc-west-2018-diy-security-review. We haven't had any real updates since to report on but hopefully our information is helpful. Now that Honeywell has spun off the security division as Resideo https://www.alarmgrid.com/blog/alarm-grid-welcomes-resideo, we're hopeful we'll start to get some more details from them on the upcoming new system(s).
I recently came across some big Honeywell announcements for 2019 besides the tc 2.0 updates. Looks like they will be releasing a new unified platform. Any insights you can share with us? I’ve included a link to a brief video from CEPro. https://youtu.be/JMQK010_J3M
We have reached out to Honeywell for an update on if and when they're going to add these features to TC2.0. If you would like us to update you when they update us, send an email to support@alarmgrid.com and we will do so.
Hey Sterling, my new home will be finished this winter and I'll be installing a new Lyric system when I move in. I still have my Lyric cameras from the old house and plan on using them. Has Honeywell fixed this problem with geofencing on their cameras and the TC 2.0 integration? If not, I may leave them connected to the Lyric app until Honeywell figures this out for TC 2.0.
Yes there is no scene integration for "cloud integration" devices like Total Comfort WIFI thermostats or MyQ garage doors. It is a limitation at this point. As Lu mentioned it may not be a top priority but we are hoping that Honeywell develops these into the TC application soon!
I highly doubt that. The TC app just communicates with the Chamberlain app to give you the status/control. The garage opener itself does not communicate with the panel. Though it is possible probably to take the info from the Chamberlain app and create scenes within the TC app only (not the panel), but it's probably too not high on their priority list.
is there something in the works, I wonder to allow the garage door to be used as a device when creating a scene?
Yep you got it! Glad to hear the option was found!
Nevermind I figured it out. You have to use the web-based Total Connect to go into Notifications List and Add one for the Garage Door.
I've got Total Connect 2.0 linked to my Chamberlain now. Opening/closing the garage door will show up under Events. But it does not send me any notifications when it is opened/closed. How can you do that? I can't select the garage door as a possible device for creating a Scene (it's not an option, other devices show up fine).
I've enabled the option for you, this goes over how to set up the feature: https://www.alarmgrid.com/documents/chamberlain-myq-garage-door-integration-for-honeywell-total-connect-2-0-setup-guide
I’m sorry Dylan could you send it to me on the Chamberlain LiftMaster
Hi Rob Could you send me the same information on the Chamberlain liftMaster j Thanks
Hi Rob, I've gone and emailed you more information about this.
I noticed today in the IOS app for TC 2.0 that Chamberlain/Liftmaster smart garage doors are now controllable. How do I set them up, and are they visible on the lyric controller as well? Thanks.
We completely agree John. It's been a popular requested feature and we fully understand why offering a Geofence option or an option to automate the privacy mode whenever the system is armed would be a big addition to how those cameras work with TC2. Honeywell is aware it's something people want and they are working to develop the feature. Once we hear it's out, we'll let you know. At this time, we have no time frame for when to expect the update though.
Honeywell Lyric Cameras still need some polishing for TC 2.0 integration. Right now there is no geofencing and no way to tell the cameras to shutoff reporting when you are home. The amount of notices I get when in the house is ridiculous. It’s beyond me how Honeywell could’ve left this key feature out of TC 2.0 when the baseline Lyric app has this feature.
At this time, we have not heard that Honeywell has that functionality on their road map but if we hear about it coming, we'll let you know.
Honeywell has not mentioned that feature coming but if it does, we'll certainly let you know.
I'm also interested in the answer...
When will the skybell be viewable on the actual lyric controller when the doorbell is pressed?