The Old Guard are Set in Their Ways; Why They Will Never Embrace DIY Security Systems

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We are asked pretty regularly by owners of other home security companies what we do. When I'm asked I explain, Alarm Grid sells state-of-the-art home security equipment to end-users.

"Who installs the system," I'm invariably asked.

And when I explain that we walk end-users through the install so that they can do it themselves in their own home either the blood rushes out of their face as they realize their days are numbered or they start laughing and give me a sarcastic, "good luck."

The truth is, old timers in this industry think that these systems are too complicated for just anyone to put in their home. But they aren't. The wired systems are a bit frustrating, but with some persistence, anyone can install them. That said, the more popular (and equally as powerful) wireless products like the Honeywell L3000 or L5100, are so easy that you don't need to be a seasoned expert. Learning sensors to the system are easy as pie, and the install itself is astoundingly simple. While some installers will charge something like $80 to install just one sensor, what you may not have known is that you can install them in under a minute using the industrial strength sticky tape that comes already stuck to the back of each sensor.

Not everyone wants to install their own system. But more and more people are re-connecting with their inner-caveman and getting hands on with all the various home improvements they can do. So while your neighbors are paying more than $500 per year to have their ADT or Brinks system monitored, you can get high-quality monitoring that is ridiculously affordable as well as having the satisfaction knowing that you installed the system yourself.