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Remember the old days of alarms? 3 and 5 year contracts in exchange for large amounts off the monthly bill. Sometimes, companies would offer free equipment on signing.

In the last 5 years everything has changed. Alarm Grid pioneered the no-contract model. At the same time, other companies began pushing no-contracts. They also required homeowners purchase a proprietary system - made by them.

This should raise a consumer's hackles. Save for a couple companies, the alarm industry has always used open systems. Traditional alarm companies buy systems from Honeywell, DSC, GE, or another manufacturer.

The company will usually install these systems in the home of a consumer. The system is connected to a central station. If an intruder comes into the home, a signal is sent. The central station dispatches the police.

Alarm Grid's puzzle place in that old model is to remove the need for an installer. We do not go to a consumer's home to install the system. Instead, we make amazing content that helps you operate your security system. We help you install the security by using our resources, videos, and available tech support. Once you do, you sign up for monitoring, and we get you on your way. We never send anyone out. We don't have to gouge you on prices for "rolling a truck" because we don't have trucks.

In the end, you get a great, professional security system at an affordable price.

Additionally, Alarm Grid basically invented the month-to-month model in alarms. Before Alarm Grid, companies would require long-term contracts. Now, a lot of companies are moving to the month-to-month, no-contract model.

This is great for consumers! But only if they own an open system.

Companies that sell cheap, closed equipment are no different than companies that get you to sign a long-term contract. Your stuck on their system. No one else can "take it over" and monitor it.

Alarm Grid is perfect for people who want to leave their current company!

Getting a new system can be a big burden. We try our hardest to use what you have. If we can't, we try to get you the best system for your situation. WE DO NOT MUCH MAKE MONEY WHEN YOU BUY A SYSTEM.

Also, Alarm Grid doesn't sell proprietary systems. If you hate us, you can leave us. We do not lock you into a contract, and we do not lock you into a system that can't be taken over. Alarm Grid's incentive is to make your experience amazing every day all the time.

If we ever do anything to frustrate you, there are literally thousands of other companies that you can select to monitor your system instead. If Alarm Grid fails at serving you adequately, you can leave, no matter what, no questions asked.

Join the family...

If you're coming from a company that sold you proprietary equipment, we'd love to have you. Sign up for monitoring using the link at the top of this page. Then, give us a call (888-818-7728) or email ( Let us know which company you're coming from. Let us know about the equipment you have installed. We'll do what we can to help you use what you have or to replace all your equipment as frugally as possible.

For anyone switching companies, we'll give you your first month free. If you need new equipment (this month only), we'll give you 10% off whatever you buy here. Simply send us an email after you purchase, ro let us know which company you came from. We'll apply the 10% coupon after checkout.