Total Connect 2.0 Now Supports IFTTT

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Great news DIYers! The Total Connect 2.0 Service used with Honeywell and Resideo Alarm Panels now supports If This, Then That, otherwise known as IFTTT. This is huge for TC2, as a plethora of new integrations and features are now possible! TC2 users can visit this page to get started.

As you may know, Total Connect 2.0 is an interactive service platform used with Resideo Alarm Systems. The service can be used with any compatible panel that has an AlarmNet Cellular or IP Communicator installed and activated. Once a user has a Total Connect 2.0 account, they can access the platform through the Total Connect 2.0 website or through a mobile app on their Android or iOS device.

Accessing TC2 allows an end user to perform various system functions. These functions include Arming and Disarming their system, checking current system status, controlling connected Z-Wave smart home devices, viewing connected Resideo IP Cameras and more. The end user will need an active monitoring plan that includes access to the TC2 platform. Users who are not currently monitored should check out our monitoring page for more information about alarm monitoring service.

It was already possible to use Total Connect 2.0 to trigger security system and Z-Wave actions based around certain predetermined events and time schedules. But IFTTT support adds a world of new possibilities. Thanks to IFTTT, end users can now quickly and easily integrate peripherals like Lutron Smart Lights, Sonos Speakers, Phillips Hue Lights, Roomba devices, Rachio Sprinklers, MyQ Garage Doors, Somfy Blinds and more.

IFTTT works by using Triggers and Actions. Basically when a certain "Trigger" occurs, an "Action" will follow. Currently, IFTTT only allows TC2 "Triggers" caused by changing the arming status of your system, or an alarm event on your system. We are hopeful that IFTTT will allow specific sensor triggers sometime in the future. Additionally, IFTTT can be used to create Triggers based on date & time or a predetermined schedule. The Action that follows a Trigger could be something like telling your Sonos Sound System to start playing music, your Lutron Lights to all turn off, or your Rachio Sprinkler System to start watering the grass.

What's great about IFTTT is that it is ultra-customizable and offers nearly any possible combination of connected devices and responses. You can have multiple Actions corresponding to the same Trigger, or multiple Triggers to cause the same Action. And despite being extremely intricate in terms of possible combinations, creating individual commands in IFTTT is actually quite easy. We are sure that end users will love this new integration and the ease of use that it provides.

We expect to release new content in the near future to help users get started with IFTTT for TC2. This will likely include all-new FAQs and videos designed to walk users through the process of creating new Triggers and Actions for use with their Resideo Alarm Systems and their connected smart devices. Stay tuned for more content coming soon!

For now, if you want to learn more about IFTTT and how it can be used with TC2, the best way is to reach out to us. We recommend sending an email to with your question or concern. We will check your email at our earliest convenience and respond back as quickly as possible. If you prefer to call us, you can do so at (888) 818-7728 during our normal business hours of 9am to 8pm EST M-F. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you learn all about IFTTT.

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Us too! (as the Jeopardy theme plays in the background).
Im trying to find an IFTTT SMS trigger since TC will send an SMS. If i could find and SMS trigger that was by content of the SMS message i could do it that way as well. I get an SMS notification within about 3-4 seconds of opening a door. Ultimately a direct integration would be ideal and seems well within the ability of Total Connect and IFTTT. I cant believe they havent even gone down this road yet. I will be patiently waiting
We agree Andreas. We're hopeful on specific sensor triggers as well.
so started to work on this. i have other IFTTT integrations. so was really bummed to see the only triggers are alarms. seems like a huge oversight not to allow the sensors be triggers since TC already sends notifications for sensors. This could really solve the integration with smartthings. So now i can have it Alarm and send a command to turn on a virtual switch in smartthings that turns on all my interior lights. would be nice to be able to do the same from a door sensor. like turn on the lights in garage when i open the man door. hopefully this will come.
Is this working for anyone right now? I can't get IFTTT to trigger when My Lyric arms and even my Homekit automations are failing. When I test them, they work but they won't trigger on their own. It started a couple weeks ago.
Awesome! Happy it works for you.
This is great information and would like to share how I am using the IFTTT integration. I have a lyric alarm panel. Recently I installed a water leak detector -Flo by Moen. To use it effectively, the detector needs to know whether someone is “home” or “away”. If you are away and there is water use, the detector shuts off the water. If you are home, the leak detection criteria are less stringent. Both connect 2.0 and Flo use IFTTT. Hence I created an applet( a scene) whereby when I armed away my lyric alarm, the lyric informs flo that I am away. Similarly, I created another applet which informs Flo when I disarm (I.e. I am at home). For a few days, the applets work perfectly but lately one of them is not working so when I come home, Flo does not change my status. While I am looking to have this fixed ( I believe connect 2.0 is at fault as it does not trigger the applet a per the activity log ), I think this type of integration is quite impressive.
Cool! Like the Phillips Hue and TC2 integration.

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