2020 Criticom Monitoring Services President's Forum

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Our monitoring partner Criticom Monitoring Services is putting on their 2020 President's Forum. Alarm Grid has a small team out to attend the conference and get important insider knowledge from some of the leading experts who help keep your homes and businesses safe and protected.

If you aren't familiar with Criticom Monitoring Services, they are the exclusive central monitoring station partner of Alarm Grid for accounts in the US. If you are in the US and you have central station monitoring service with Alarm Grid, when your system goes into alarm, then it is Criticom who responds to the incoming alarm signal and alerts the local authorities for emergency dispatch, if necessary.

Criticom operates three (3) 24/7 monitoring centers across the country in California, Florida, and New Jersey. Each monitoring center has many highly trained experts present who are constantly ready to respond to any alarms that may occur on your system. In the event that one monitoring center goes offline for any reason, the other two will be there to pick up the slack and ensure that all incoming alarms are properly dealt with and addressed as soon as possible. This excellent redundancy in making sure that monitored homes and businesses always stay protected is a big reason why Alarm Grid has selected Criticom as one of its central station partners.

Right now, the CMS President's Forum Conference is just getting started. Criticom experts are currently having meet and greets with other security industry representatives. We expect the in-depth presentations and discussions to begin sometime later this afternoon. Stay tuned to our blog for updates from what is sure to be an informative and engaging conference