Alarm Grid Launches on

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Alarm Grid has just launched its store on While a majority of our customers buy on Alarm Grid, we know that a lot of you have a strong desire to use your advantages to purchase from us. Since we can't offer the free shipping of Prime on Alarm Grid, or the vast selection available to you from other retailers, we are excited to be able to give you the ability to buy here or there.

There are significant advantages to purchasing from Alarm Grid's site. If you order on, our system lets us marry all your orders together, and lets us process returns in a lot more orderly way should you need to return. Moreover, we will be charging the same amount on all products here as at Amazon.

Alarm Grid uses Amazon's fulfillment already, and has been for about 6 months. So if you have ordered from the site in recent days, you've already experienced Amazon's shipping process. There are also a lot of products that we have not made available on Amazon yet. Our wired door/window sensors, for example, are only able to be purchased on Alarm Grid - and that will be the case for at least the foreseeable future.

We hope that you are as excited about this development as we are!



We are very excited about our new Amazon store as well! We are always trying to provide our customers with options that make their alarm purchases and setup as easy as possible. We don't ever intend to stop selling on this site though.
This seems to be very interesting and exciting. Will Alarm Grid store be migrated to in the future? I’m an Amazon Prime member and I do most of my grocery shopping on Amazon. Also, Amazon supports Affirm; I have the Affirm app on my phone as well and I love it. I also used Affirm on Amazon.