Alarm Grid Releases Total Connect 2.0 Facelift!

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Alarm Grid has co-branded Total Connect. For those who wanted to feel a bit more like they were part of the AG family, now is your chance. Every time you login to Total Connect 2.0 from your computer, you'll see our beautiful logo up in the right hand corner instead of the old Total Connect logo. On your phone, you will see it at login, and on our information page along with all the necessary information for connecting to support.

For our long-time self monitoring and monitoring plus customers, nothing has changed except the branding of the application. You should continue to get all your emails and texts just as you have in the past, and the application is the same easy to use application you've become familiar with. Just remember, if you have any questions at all regarding your Alarm Grid Total Connect experience, please email

If you are new around these parts and are just looking to give Total Connect a try, we have setup a dummy account that will let you test drive Total Connect.


The steps for the schedule programming are in my previous post. The timer relay just has a dial that you set how long you want that relay to trigger for (you want 2 seconds).
Would it be possible to get help installing and programming this timer? I saw the directions but going in to programming it didn't appear to be that easy to set this up. Thanks
Dave, You can order via this link:
the only thing I don't like is the disarm if the system is already armed. That's something we would have to keep an eye on. I see the reasoning though since the relay is acting as a simple switch. Where would I be able to get the relay? I can't say thanks enough for your assistance I appreciate it.
You could use either trigger 1 or trigger 2 on the Vista-20P to activate an Altronix 6062 timer relay with the timer set to 2 seconds, and the Common and Normally Open terminals wired to an available hardwired zone programmed as ZT 77 (Keyswitch). Be sure to use the 2K resistor in parallel on this zone. You would need to program the trigger to be inverted (*79, output 17 or 18, Output Normally Low = Yes). Wire the trigger to the TRIG input on the Altronix Relay, then wire it as shown in Figure 8 of the 6062's Installation Instructions, with a 2K pull up resistor between positive and the trigger terminal. Then, in scheduling: Installer Code + # + 64 Enter Schedule # = (Next Available Schedule Number) Enter Event = 01 Device Number = 17 or 18 (whichever you choose to use) Start - Enter Start Hr 01 - 12, Start Minute - 00 - 59 - 0=am, 1=pm then put 1 under each day of the week you want this schedule to start, and 0 under any days where you do not want this schedule to start. This should be the time when you want the system to arm. Press * Stop - Make your stop one minute later than your start time, follow the same conventions for choosing the days of the week as you followed for the Start. Repeat Option - 1 will repeat weekly forever, or until you tell it to stop Randomize - 0 (No) When you get back to enter schedule, press 00 to exit schedule programming. Test Some potential drawbacks: This should work in theory, but I have not set this up and tested it myself. A keyswitch input acts as a toggle, so if the system is already armed, shorting the keyswitch zone, which is what we'd be doing here, will actually disarm the system. It would be up to you to be sure this doesn't happen. If you hold the short for longer than 2 seconds on the keyswitch input, it will arm stay instead of away.
I'd like to know more about that.
The LynxTouch gives an option to schedule an Auto Stay arm Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Weekdays, or just Once. Unfortunately, there is no scheduled arming option for the Vista Panels via TC2. You could probably get creative with a trigger, a keyswitch input zone, and a momentary relay, though. If that's something you'd be interested in, we could discuss further.
How about having an option of TC being able to arm my system every night around the same time. I know the vista panel can be scheduled to arm but it beeps for like 10 minutes before arming.
How about making the website scroll normally like every other website in the world? Why should I have to click in the scrollbar on the right to make it move! I know this isn't Alarm Grid's issue but you could pressure Honeywell to get with the 20th century (I know it's the 21st century, but that's how far behind they are). Thanks